Saturday, November 28, 2009

More Fun...

If I weren't so technically inept, I could post Milliande's video's like my other friends in blog land, but since the 404 error has become my "arch enemy" I will have to go around it and do it this way! I love Milliande, can't quite explain, maybe it's her charming accent, or her adorable little girl that helps her in some of her art endeavour video's, or perhaps the fact that she has this relaxed sense about her that I need more than ever right now... maybe all of the above... but I do find her more fun than a barrel of monkeys!

I particularly like her video on experimenting with a product called "Neverdull"
I plan on finding some and doing a little experimenting myself.
In the mean time maybe one of my talented technically advanced blog friends can help me figure out how to get these video's on my blasted page!
Ok, have to run now, disgusting as it is, since I've been under the weather I haven't been out of my pj's in about five days!!! Yes, I'm feeling a little better and have decided to give a shower and some outside clothes a try today!
(Mitzi, just in case your wondering because of the vm I left you yesterday, yes, I did go to the "black friday" sale at Target in my pajama's! Cheeky I know, like I care, I don't know those people, and since it was a short stroll across the street and I was only going for those $3.00 kitchen appliances that I needed for the kids, because moneys tight this year and Christmas is coming, and it's not like I wasn't already up twisting and shaking! Ok, that was a poor joke and totally uncalled for, it's my body, I can joke about it if I want to...can't I?, does sound a little justifying doesn't it...hmmm, ok, maybe I care a little, but desperate times call for desperate actions!)
But will be a banner day! If I had my own newspaper, the front page would say..."Whoo Hoo, Keke steps out of bed!!!" Extra, extra, read all about it! I hope you all have a wonderful day, I'm still in bed at this moment, but the windows open and although it looks a little windy out there, it feels like it may be a little "balmy" and the sun is shining brightly as a frog croaks outside my window, exactly the enticement I need to rejoin the land of the upright! XO Keke

Friday, November 27, 2009

Last time I posted, I promised something fun.
Meet "PK" ! Doesn't she just look like a fun person?
Lucky for us, she is!
Best of all you can see how much if you jump over to her fun little blog.

You'll find all kinds of fun inspiration for the holidays too!

Guess what other fun goodness I found? That's right, that Cherry shoe polish above is exactly what "Cherry Kingdom" needs! ( Among about a dozen other things I found on this fun little site!)
Along with this little lady on her way to the "Elfin Ball". Too bad she's already on her way to someone else's kingdom! "Drats!" Its' ok, I think I may be able to create something similar, although she won't be vintage, she would be loved! Are you wondering what wonderful place you find these yum yums? It would be at "Millie and Dottie's Emporium".
You have to admit that this sounds scrumptious! Wait until you visit, I think you'll find it as yummy and sweet as I do!
I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with family and friends and love and bountiful feasting! Thank you all so much for your kind words and prayers, you melt my heart! XO Keke

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Calling all Prayer Warriors

Although I do have Dystonia links on this site, and comment from time to time on this state of being, I mostly try to not put too much about Dystonia on, as I want you to see "Cherry Kingdom" as a happy place to be and to minimize this as much as I can for myself as a "psych" less I let Dystonia define me. Today will have to be an exception, I am some where between "fed-up and not giving up!" MIA for the last four days has been caused by a myriad of things. Not feeling that great, not sure if it's because I'm a month past my treatment date, due to changing neurologist, (I have an appointment with the new neurologist next Monday) or if I'm just tired from everything and stressed in general. Thankfully we will only drive approx. 1 1/2 hours to the other side of Sacramento, instead of 3 hours to Sunnyvale! And I think I mentioned this before, this guy takes my insurance, whoo hoo! I'll be able to keep $5085.00 in my pocket every three months because I think my insurance co-payment for this should only be $15.00. We'll see...but I didn't want to write about me this morning... I actually wanted to ask all you prayer warriors out there to pray for my two dystonian friends...
Shari from "Shari's Ramblings."
Whom is contemplating "DBS", which stands for deep brain stimulation, and my other friend... Suzanne from "Dystonia Secret."
Who is struggling with mis-diagnosis and insurance companies refusing the very treatment that could make her almost appearing normal again, and more importantly end the severe suffering she is currently enduring. The dreaded "botox shots," as painful as they are is what she needs...If you could all say a prayer for them and stop on over to their sites and whisper a word of encouragement in their comment section, I know it would be so encouraging for them! (You can find their links in my sidebar) I have to run, just needed to put this out there hoping you all would help me intercede for them on bended knee... I'll post funnier things later, it's "madhatter" time! Be blessed!
XO Keke

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Tonight, so many things and thoughts racing through my mind.


This blog community offers so much love from so many stranger friends.

Like Jules from Whimsical Notions.

My swap partner for Home for the Holidays II.


With an accent from down under. ;)

Makes me feel so continental...

the tears in my soul
reincarnated as tears
cleanse my worried heart

Written so clearly, so perfectly by my new mid-west friend of

"Creative Cottage Dreamer."

This sharing that we fall into arms wide open with open arms waiting.



Which makes me think of Terri of "Blooming Ideas."

Terri who had reached out to me after reading my disappointment of missing a tag swap. Terri who offered to do a one on one swap with me and sent me the beautiful white queen.
Which lead to the Mad Tea Party Mail Art Group.
And My Altered Tea Cup Swap.
And obsession with all things "Wonderland."
Isn't it interesting how our hearts know what we need if we listen?
Maybe my recent plunge into swaps is to distract from my disappointment of not being able to creatively plunge into a day I've dreamt of for twenty years.
Maybe it's a healing from a year of struggle.

I found a new site, "LunarraStar", you can find the link under "Cool Resources" in my side bar.
So many lovely "Wonderland" pieces.




The image above created by Barby Anderson of "Felted Mice"

warms and softens.


I've started a new grouping in my side bar for all things "Foodie."



I've been meaning to share with you my new favorite breakfast.

Maybe because I love the name "Kashi"
Maybe because it's called "Honey Sunshine"
Maybe because it's flavors are a combination of memory of childhood cereals.
Good Night... and as baby girl would say..."Sleep Sweet."

Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday...Monday...The Song is Stuck in My Head!

I spent most of my weekend trying to pull all the "past due" items together. And with the wedding only approximately 30 days away, it is time for me to start pulling the "short list" together that the grooms mother is responsible for...and I'm also helping baby girl pull together the bachelorette party together, which will be one of class and dignity, and probably considered more of a traditional bridal shower than a bachelorette party, which is due, considering how the "shower" the brides family threw last weekend went...ISSSHHHH! The pictures posted today are of the venue that the wedding & reception will be held at.
The reception will be held in a building of glass walls with this fireplace being the focal point. It could also end up being the wedding site as well if the weather chooses not to cooperate. All in all, they did choose a beautiful site and ever so reasonable! Most weddings here in Oz are held either at a winery or the beach and usually start at $8,000.00 to $10,000.00 for the site fee alone. Can you imagine? I can't!

This will be the beach if the weather smiles upon us and the sun is shining.
This is just another view of what the reception will look like. Aren't the views amazingly beautiful?
Some one else's cake set at the venue, I love that this building is mostly all windows! Start to finish, the wedding and reception includes everything but the wine, beer and champagne will only cost $4,300.00! Yes, it's true, and an amazing meal is included in that price as well! The kid's were smart shoppers with this one!
The beach where vows will be given if the sun shines.
The boys are all in Reno today for the bachelor party, they left last night and it will be a three day event. As horrible as this might sound, I'm kind of enjoying some time to myself with American husband away! Mad hatter, have to run! Have a blessed day! XO Keke

Friday, November 13, 2009

Thankful Friday

This would be my "Mitzi" and her band of "Princess." Have you ever seen such amazingly beautiful girls in your life? Mitzi is a lucky duck, and so am I! American husband and I were discussing last night and we decided if Mitzi and I got nothing else right in our life, we sure made beautiful babies! Don't mean for that to sound boastful, it's just really a true fact.
And the best part of all, our babies are beautiful from the inside out!
I've posted about this site previously, fun little creative site.
Visit for a smile or a little inspiration.
" Party Cupcake Ideas" was the site with the "Little Blue Box" giveaway,
Uh hum, yes that would be Tiffany's.
The cupcake pendant I so badly wanted to win for baby girl.
We didn't win, but that's ok, baby girl's blue box will come another day! ;)
My beautiful niece, dressed for the Opera, with her beautiful friend/employer/mother of the cutest baby twins you ever wanted to see and another good woman taking another one of our daughters under her wing to demonstrate grace and the art of giving. Thank you to all of you women who hold this light!
Take a Walk on the Happy Side
Visit this site for a little perspective.
Hurray it's Friday! I'm so ready for this weekend! Thankful thought #1 today. My thankful thought #2 is I will get a two day reprieve from "soulless" she's out of town today and Monday! HURRAY!!! Thankful thought #3 Had my monthly visit with Dr. Daisy yesterday afternoon and I finally got a copy of my records and a referral so I can hopefully score an appointment with the new neurologist in Sacramento who actually accepts my insurance provider which will save me $3000.00 every three months and hopefully I can get my treatments and my finances back under control! And with that happiness, I must leave you....I wish you a day of bright sunshine, abundant happiness and at least three things you can be thankful for today! XO Keke

Thursday, November 12, 2009

My beautiful baby girl, I ran across this pic the other day, I actually forgot about was taken by an aspiring photographer. When baby girl was a barista at a certain coffee house she would get asked often to model for people. She really is quite photogenic don't you think? (yes I am bias ;) but she really is! ) In any case, baby girl came home crying yesterday, I think mostly from shock, she was "laid off due to business closing." What? second time in less than 3 months, this time however she had no warning. Poor baby is just really having a bad luck streak when it comes to employment! American Husband and I are trying to talk her into going to school and getting a part time job! I was proud of American Husband yesterday, he handled her emotions well when she come home, although he said she looked like Alice Cooper when she came in the door from her make-up running down her face. I know how hard it was for him, I can see the tear in is eye as he was watching her cry. Normally he would freak out and call me at work over such devastation, but this time he just tried to encourage her to see the bright side and said this was an opportunity for her to go to school! "Who are you and where is my husband!" LOL
Have I told you all yet how smart my big sister Mitzi is? I love this pic of her and her princess... We were talking the other day and I told her of this brilliant idea I had to serve the best hot dog on earth for the rehearsal dinner. Just one problem, you can only get them in Michigan. So I was asking if I sent her the money would she freeze and ship them to me, or she could put them in a suitcase, but she's trying to only come with a carry on...and she said, I think there are web sites that you can order from and have them shipped to you...and you know what? She was right, and there are actually quite a few sites willing to ship to me, ummm, except they want about $120.00 in shipping and handling cost. Right now I can see you thinking "hot dogs for rehearsal dinner?" Well, there are actually a lot of reasons... #1 since we've landed in OZ we've yet to find a decent dog! #2 It is a Michigan thing and I thought baby boy would really enjoy having a little bit of home during one of the most important events of his life. And it's true, Koegel hot dogs are the best dog on the planet and we all miss not being able to get them here. So, I think I've locked it in and we are going to "Serve the Curve", plus, I'm having his rehearsal dinner on the beach continuing the beach wedding theme ... so I thought we could have beach food?

Isn't this an awesome graphic? I think it's so funny..
By the way, if your curious, find the link under cool resources.

I also found this cool and so, so reasonable chocolate mold site for my white chocolate shells for the wedding cake...
Madhatter time...I wish for you a day of warm sunshine...
XO Keke

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Another quick post I'm afraid...
Baby Boys couple bridal shower was the strangest I've ever been to and left me with no words the following's a group pic of the second round, I say second round because there were a group of people who came at 1:00, left and then a second group of people who came around 4:00...the first group quiet, ate, brought well wishes, left... second group came, loud and rowdy and ready to party...hmmm, as I said no words...

I'm a little behind with sharing the Halloween pic's but I just had to show you this little pumpkin. Mom brought him into office on Friday so I could see him...couldn't you just munch on him!

I also just had to show you this group of people who dressed like H1N1 victims complete with Dr. Porkenstein...they won best group costume at work, of course...they were pretty adorable.
The little lady in this pic is one of my favorite people at work, her name is Lynn and when I first landed in OZ and came to work in her building she kind of took me under her wing with her kindness and I've never forgotten. Women reaching back and mothering, (although she is older than I, she is not quite old enough to be my mother) none the less, definitely in my top 10 favorite women circle.
Here's the whole group!
Ok, have to run!
Have an awesomely, over abundant day today!! XO Keke

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's that time of year again when one must refuse the frenzied feelings the holidays can bring, doubled by a certain wedding coming on December 18th. I have to keep this short, madhatter time here because I spent too much time on a new site I found called "Frenchie and flea" delightful is all I can say, find link in side bar. Bad news, American Husband didn't get the job, I believe there's a reason for everything so I'll just keep praying. Good news, Mitzi's coming for the wedding, whoo hoo, now I have a date without having to call an escort service!!! ;) See with American Husband being best man and baby girl being the maid of honor they will be busy with all the duties and I had envisioned myself standing against a wall alone watching the whole thing play out...Mitzi will be infinitely more fun than a paid escort!!! And that's a wrap, sorry, so much more to say but I just don't have the time!!! Ugh! Time is my enemy! Wish I could win the lotto! I say this all the time but American Husband tells me I would need to buy a ticket for that to happen....
Have a blessed day! XO Keke

Saturday, November 7, 2009

I've spent most of the morning researching Dystonia, new claims of alleged cures, determined to go to the end of the earth if I have to...less this be my fate. I've added some more links in the sidebar under dystonia. Learned about "Generation Rescue", look it up, it is enlightening, link is on the side bar.
I watched Grey Gardens last night, hmmm...left me with a very strange feeling some where between sadness and curiosity.
Edith Bouvier Beale, "Little Edie" cousin to Jackie O who did come to save them eventually. After the movie curiosity got the best of me and I had to do a little research. "Curiosity killed the cat," what an awful saying! I am a researcher at heart though, why must all my why's be answered? There's even a website dedicated to "Grey Gardens", quite interesting if you care to see :
What a beauty she was, haunting to see how such a life turned out, although for some reason I think she wouldn't want her life remembered that way. None the less, I would now, after having watched the movie, like to see the original documentary. What times those must have been. 1900's through 1950's. I love the fashion, it just seems so lovely, especially the dress' and the hair styles, so feminine.
Today's post will leave us here as I can't afford to squander my Saturday as much as I would like to... I've shopping to do, nest to clean and everything else that one must do in between work days... Have a blessed weekend! XO Keke

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Who wouldn't love to find this rose shaped pat of butter on their table? Beside a basket full of warm rolls or muffins. Courtesy of "Sara's Sweet Surprise" blog, find button at the right, awesome inspiration on this site and I love the "where wish list are granted" underneath her blog title. Please do visit, you will love her site...why am I thinking about rose shaped butter pats? My brain is starting to shift into wedding mode...Don't know why I torture myself with such thoughts, I'm pretty much not a part of it, well except the showing up and $ part, I still can't help myself, I was born with a fertile and creative mind, even if this event was for someone else these visions would still come, and December 18th will be here before we know it. This Sunday is a shower / housewarming for baby boy and his fiance at their newly acquired home...hmmm, "keep it positive Keke" is what is circling in my head right now...let's just say, all is not as I had spent twenty three years of imagining when this time came for baby boy. Mostly everyday I have to remind myself, "this is not your wedding." That's not hard for me, of course it's not, what I did expect is to be a part of it, if even a small part...
And I don't mean as grunt labor...that's a harsh statement I know, but basically what has been asked and indicated.
Why is it that the "mother of the groom" takes a back seat? Even on wedding planning websites. I visited one that I wish I hadn't, but I had to in order to see the picture of the cake the bride would like since I am the one making it....on this site it was very clear what my place is expected to be in this wondrous event. It's a very short place that basically stated 4 items on the list.

"To do list"
1. Give the Groom money. (not joking it really did say that)
2. Buy a dress.
3. Host the rehearsal dinner.
4. Dance one dance with the groom.
And it really was listed in this order....

Why is it expected or assumed that this would be less important for me than the mother of the bride? Did I not give the same amount of love, care, time, energy and tears that one gives to a girl child? Hmmm...yes, I have some things in the attic to get straight, less it will be hard for me to attend everything with a smile on my face. Just seems a cruel tradition to me, of course, it could be changed with the grace of heart on the brides and brides family's part...All year leading up to this it has been a cruel back and forth of one day I'm included and then months would pass without inclusion...I was asked to go shopping for the dress' for the bride and attendants, I was thrilled and said let me know the day, next thing I know the dress' have been picked and bought, no one had said a word...I think, why did you ask in the first place? I think this is so strange...but, it is what it is...I thought I had accepted that being part of my son's wedding will not be true for me, but evidently not. I'm praying that this won't be indicative of what my relationship with my son will be for the rest of our life. It is only worsened by the fact that all the details that need attention just happen to be something that I am creatively excellent at and love to do... I know, I have to take the high road, I have to let it go... I love my son, that is all that matters, and I would do anything for him including swallowing my hurt heart. I do need to speak with him though, when these topics of details come up he tends to tell me little fibs because I know he doesn't want to hurt my feelings...but we are a truth telling family and I need to remind him of that. The truth hurts less than a fib revealed. Such as the party this Sunday that was supposed to be hosted by both of them...the conversation went something like, BB: We are hosting this party. Me: Ok, what do you want me to do? Do you want me to help you make invitations? BB: Sure, that would be great. Two days later I received an invitation to the party from the mother of the bride and the brides aunt and it clearly stated that it was being hosted by them and equally as bad it was one of those cheap 16 in a pack invitations that you buy at the dollar store. (Yes, I know that is shamefully shallow of me to say, but why would you do that when you could have something so much nicer, sweet memorabilia to put in the wedding scrape book?) Yes, I know, small stuff, let it go... but do you see what I mean about the back and forth. I feel like, don't ask if you don't mean it or have any intention of including me and if I ask if you want me to do something, don't say yes if you really mean no. Now your wondering the exact same thing I would wonder if good could your relationship with the bride be? Unfortunately because I am a truth speaker I will say not very good...but I will also say it has not been for lack of effort...BB used to make excuses for why she would sit frowningly at every holiday dinner or birthday or Friday night pizza movie is a long list of things like, "she's not used to being around such a lively family, her family really dzon't speak much to each other when there together." Beyond my comprehension I would say, "well then, what do they do?" BB: "they just kind of sit there" So baby girl interjects: "mom, they really do, they just sit and don't really say anything, they're like zombies going through the motions." Still beyond my understanding...I would also get a number of other excuses like, "she has low self esteem," or "she's afraid you because all the other boyfriend's she's had, their mothers hated her and was mean to her." What? No I really don't get it, and it's honestly not my a degree though right? "No, stop bargaining on this Keke, he's a grown man, if he's happy, he's happy..." yes funny farm conversations I have with myself inside my head... WWJD? Let it go...let it girl sees my invisable tears and will rapidly reassure me that we will have a grand time when her wedding event planning comes, and we have both agreed that we will not only include her grooms mother but we will let her know that she is an essential part that can not be left out of any detail. Sweet baby girl, so emotionally intelligent and aware...

Here is the picture of the cake the bride has chosen. She sent it to me in a email, described the details and said "what do you think." I emailed her back and said, "I think what ever you want is what I will make for you, I said I loved the idea of white chocolate shells it is a beach wedding, but we might want to change the ingredient for the sand." I asked her a couple of other questions about it, I haven't heard back from her since. So I'm left thinking, "did I offend her with my suggestion about the brown sugar?" It feels really awful to feel like you have to walk on eggshells around someone everytime you see them. Benefit of the doubt could say maybe she's just really busy. But, it has been a week and the wedding is only one month away, and yes, stop, I'm not going to go any further! The maker of this cake used brown sugar for the sand...I think the cake should taste as good as it looks and brown sugar on fondant just doesn't sound like it would taste good, but she doesn't want fondant, she wants butter cream, which is fine, but brown sugar, as much as I love it on my oatmeal doesn't seem like it would taste good on butter cream either? Baby boy must have felt me thinking about him. He just called me in the middle of my writing this too long blog... BB: "Hi mummer, how are you, I'm in Vegas playing golf right now, but I wanted to call and ask if you would make BLT's on a stick for the party and some of those bacon water chessnut wraps?" Spooky or not? I haven't talked to him since last week... I really do believe we are connected to our children by an invisible string that stays in place no matter how old they get. Now I'm out of time, good thing, way too long of post! Thanks for listening to my dribble... Have a blessed day. XO Keke

Monday, November 2, 2009

What's on my mind this morning, a morning when I should really call in sick...yes one of those mornings...Wedding cakes dancing in my head.
After months and weeks of asking, baby boy's fiance has finally provided me with a picture of what she wants her cake to look like...ummmm, good thing, I called baby boy and said if you want me to make your cake I kind of need to know...if you've changed your mind and would like someone else to do it, that's fine with me too!
The wedding is coming up fast, December 18th.

No, none of these beautiful cakes above is what she picked...
I'm saving that for later when I have more time to chat.
Remember last Sundays beach day? I didn't tell you I caught a sea monster! I'll explain that later too!
American husband really can't help himself sometimes!
Speaking of...say a prayer please, he has an interview with Sears this afternoon and we really need him to get that job! I'm praying without ceasing!
Here's another pic from last Sunday's beautiful day. We were supposed to go to a different one yesterday but didn't. Too exhausted from last week. Baby girl and I put a chic flick in the box instead, pulled out the hide a bed and ended up taking a three hour nap...we decided that was better even though we really wanted to go to the beach...we both must have needed it! Sometimes life just makes you tired! Speaking of, our Halloween day was a little disappointing, not even close to what fun we had with the goblins in past years in our beloved Sonoma...that will have to keep for later as well...far past madhatter time...I'll catch you up on all of the mind boggling interesting details later...have a blessed day!
XO Keke