Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday...Monday...The Song is Stuck in My Head!

I spent most of my weekend trying to pull all the "past due" items together. And with the wedding only approximately 30 days away, it is time for me to start pulling the "short list" together that the grooms mother is responsible for...and I'm also helping baby girl pull together the bachelorette party together, which will be one of class and dignity, and probably considered more of a traditional bridal shower than a bachelorette party, which is due, considering how the "shower" the brides family threw last weekend went...ISSSHHHH! The pictures posted today are of the venue that the wedding & reception will be held at.
The reception will be held in a building of glass walls with this fireplace being the focal point. It could also end up being the wedding site as well if the weather chooses not to cooperate. All in all, they did choose a beautiful site and ever so reasonable! Most weddings here in Oz are held either at a winery or the beach and usually start at $8,000.00 to $10,000.00 for the site fee alone. Can you imagine? I can't!

This will be the beach if the weather smiles upon us and the sun is shining.
This is just another view of what the reception will look like. Aren't the views amazingly beautiful?
Some one else's cake set at the venue, I love that this building is mostly all windows! Start to finish, the wedding and reception includes everything but the wine, beer and champagne will only cost $4,300.00! Yes, it's true, and an amazing meal is included in that price as well! The kid's were smart shoppers with this one!
The beach where vows will be given if the sun shines.
The boys are all in Reno today for the bachelor party, they left last night and it will be a three day event. As horrible as this might sound, I'm kind of enjoying some time to myself with American husband away! Mad hatter, have to run! Have a blessed day! XO Keke

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