Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Another quick post I'm afraid...
Baby Boys couple bridal shower was the strangest I've ever been to and left me with no words the following's a group pic of the second round, I say second round because there were a group of people who came at 1:00, left and then a second group of people who came around 4:00...the first group quiet, ate, brought well wishes, left... second group came, loud and rowdy and ready to party...hmmm, as I said no words...

I'm a little behind with sharing the Halloween pic's but I just had to show you this little pumpkin. Mom brought him into office on Friday so I could see him...couldn't you just munch on him!

I also just had to show you this group of people who dressed like H1N1 victims complete with Dr. Porkenstein...they won best group costume at work, of course...they were pretty adorable.
The little lady in this pic is one of my favorite people at work, her name is Lynn and when I first landed in OZ and came to work in her building she kind of took me under her wing with her kindness and I've never forgotten. Women reaching back and mothering, (although she is older than I, she is not quite old enough to be my mother) none the less, definitely in my top 10 favorite women circle.
Here's the whole group!
Ok, have to run!
Have an awesomely, over abundant day today!! XO Keke

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Patti said...

Creative costumes!!! As much as I love Halooween- I have always hated and avoided dressing up. Oh well... Hope this week is finding you happy and peaceful.