Monday, November 2, 2009

What's on my mind this morning, a morning when I should really call in sick...yes one of those mornings...Wedding cakes dancing in my head.
After months and weeks of asking, baby boy's fiance has finally provided me with a picture of what she wants her cake to look like...ummmm, good thing, I called baby boy and said if you want me to make your cake I kind of need to know...if you've changed your mind and would like someone else to do it, that's fine with me too!
The wedding is coming up fast, December 18th.

No, none of these beautiful cakes above is what she picked...
I'm saving that for later when I have more time to chat.
Remember last Sundays beach day? I didn't tell you I caught a sea monster! I'll explain that later too!
American husband really can't help himself sometimes!
Speaking of...say a prayer please, he has an interview with Sears this afternoon and we really need him to get that job! I'm praying without ceasing!
Here's another pic from last Sunday's beautiful day. We were supposed to go to a different one yesterday but didn't. Too exhausted from last week. Baby girl and I put a chic flick in the box instead, pulled out the hide a bed and ended up taking a three hour nap...we decided that was better even though we really wanted to go to the beach...we both must have needed it! Sometimes life just makes you tired! Speaking of, our Halloween day was a little disappointing, not even close to what fun we had with the goblins in past years in our beloved Sonoma...that will have to keep for later as well...far past madhatter time...I'll catch you up on all of the mind boggling interesting details later...have a blessed day!
XO Keke


Tracy Suzanne said...

Hey Sweetie. Yum, what beautiful cakes. What an art to be able to decorate cakes. I had no idea you did that sort of thing. Your right Dec is coming fast and you don't want to find out that sorta thing at the last minute.

It sounds like you have a wonderful, restful weekend. I can't think of anything nicer than having you daughter hangout and take a nap with you. Love the beach pictures. Looks like it was a fun day. I'll definitely keep American husband lifted in prayer. Keep us updated.

By the way 2 questions I've never asked but always wondered about.
1 - Way do you call him American Husband? We're you from somewhere else originally?
2 - Is that your kitty at the screen door on the sidebar. That is the cutest picture. I love it.

Well just wondering.

Hugs and sweet wishes...Tracy :)

Terri said...

Cake ..Yumm that will go very will with the tea. (wink)

PIF only have to make one ...Kim will let us know who we are paying our creation to on the 22nd of this month. She is going to shuffle up the names that sign up. That is one way to do one of the other ways was who ever signed up under you would be your pif partner and if you are at the end of the list you take the person at the top of the list...But Kim is going to do the first one I mentioned.

hope that helps