Thursday, November 12, 2009

My beautiful baby girl, I ran across this pic the other day, I actually forgot about was taken by an aspiring photographer. When baby girl was a barista at a certain coffee house she would get asked often to model for people. She really is quite photogenic don't you think? (yes I am bias ;) but she really is! ) In any case, baby girl came home crying yesterday, I think mostly from shock, she was "laid off due to business closing." What? second time in less than 3 months, this time however she had no warning. Poor baby is just really having a bad luck streak when it comes to employment! American Husband and I are trying to talk her into going to school and getting a part time job! I was proud of American Husband yesterday, he handled her emotions well when she come home, although he said she looked like Alice Cooper when she came in the door from her make-up running down her face. I know how hard it was for him, I can see the tear in is eye as he was watching her cry. Normally he would freak out and call me at work over such devastation, but this time he just tried to encourage her to see the bright side and said this was an opportunity for her to go to school! "Who are you and where is my husband!" LOL
Have I told you all yet how smart my big sister Mitzi is? I love this pic of her and her princess... We were talking the other day and I told her of this brilliant idea I had to serve the best hot dog on earth for the rehearsal dinner. Just one problem, you can only get them in Michigan. So I was asking if I sent her the money would she freeze and ship them to me, or she could put them in a suitcase, but she's trying to only come with a carry on...and she said, I think there are web sites that you can order from and have them shipped to you...and you know what? She was right, and there are actually quite a few sites willing to ship to me, ummm, except they want about $120.00 in shipping and handling cost. Right now I can see you thinking "hot dogs for rehearsal dinner?" Well, there are actually a lot of reasons... #1 since we've landed in OZ we've yet to find a decent dog! #2 It is a Michigan thing and I thought baby boy would really enjoy having a little bit of home during one of the most important events of his life. And it's true, Koegel hot dogs are the best dog on the planet and we all miss not being able to get them here. So, I think I've locked it in and we are going to "Serve the Curve", plus, I'm having his rehearsal dinner on the beach continuing the beach wedding theme ... so I thought we could have beach food?

Isn't this an awesome graphic? I think it's so funny..
By the way, if your curious, find the link under cool resources.

I also found this cool and so, so reasonable chocolate mold site for my white chocolate shells for the wedding cake...
Madhatter time...I wish for you a day of warm sunshine...
XO Keke

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Patti said...

Whay beautiful pictures Keke!! And I love the idea of hots dogs (from MI no less) served at the beach for a rehearsal dinner. Quite perfect, I think!Where are you from in MI? Hope you are having a good day~