Saturday, May 24, 2008

Birthday Jazz

My lovely Kitty surprised me with an early birthday present yesterday, by handing me a huge bouquet of flowers and a card with tickets to see Diana Krall at the Sonoma Jazz Festival tonight. Even though my birthday is still a month away I have a feeling this is one I won't forget! What a sweet extraordinary child I have! Now, the question at hand is what to wear? Believe it or not, it's only 64 degrees here today and overcast calling for will be even cooler tonight. I'm contemplating a little black dress, oh, how I wish I had a pair of over the elbow white satin gloves, like the ladies of the 1950's might have worn on a night out to a jazz club with their husband, with a pearl bracelet around the wrist. Did they do that? For some reason I always think of the ladies of the 50's in the kitchen with an apron on. My sweet husband in support of this night out for me, advised me last night that he would be wearing his linen pants with his black silk tee shirt and asked me if we still had that "steam thingy" so he could prepare his clothing. LOL! What did I do to deserve all this love? Not sure, but it sure is amazing. Click on the post title to link to the festival site, it's a wonderful event.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Triple Digits, Roller Derby,Birthdays and a New Family Member

We've had triple digit weather for almost a week straight. We took to living in the pool when we were not at work. Frank Bob the whale has become the newest addition to our family.

Since I last posted, I went to derby, action pictures did not turn out, there wasn't enough photo light in the rink, I did manage a few pictures after, like the one below with Sinfandel and my husband.
My son has since celebrated his 22nd birthday, with two parties in the same weekend. Beautiful boy....wistfully it seems like only yesterday he was a babe in my arms.