Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink...I want to look like this woman...I swear I was born in the wrong decade! in Oz would actually permit me to dress like her and wear the up do without being questioned. I remember when I first moved here and I was complaining about not looking good and my good friend and the first friend I made in Oz...'Sarah' laughed and said, "Keke, haven't you figured it out yet? You can't look bad here." I remember looking around at every one that day and realized that what she said was true. Everyone in Oz seems to march to the beat of their own drum and it's not questioned... not like in the mid west where status quo was pretty much expected and you would not be able to present yourself differently with out stares and comments. Social prejudices, fear... I will say that every other day when I've decided I need to move away from Oz and struggle with 'where to?', I always put that acceptance on the pro side.

I'm rambling...I have much to catch up on, these last few months that I've been off line have been overwhelming. So much so that I find myself compartmentalizing my life now. I have put everything away in it's own little box and some boxes are only taken in small peeks, others not at all, for now....

I've decided that each day I will offer a small peek into only one box, otherwise this blog page would implode...and as I sit here trying to figure out how to rebuild my life it forces me to look at all the things that went wrong, my responses to all the wrongness, and most of all, how will I respond in the future should similar situations come along... and I know they will... What's that saying, 'What ever we don't learn we are doomed to repeat?'
In any case, getting started posting again is harder than I thought...but it had been calling to me for months...and I've so missed all of you.

The tutorial from yesterday, "How to make a purse out of a book" is dedicated to my dear Mitzi...artist extraordinaire and maker of book journals.... I think I will try to make one...a little differently though... I love that a man was doing the tutorial...for a minute I fantasized about AH being the star of that tutorial... "YUM!" it would then make him the perfect man, well, ok, maybe not perfect, but.... ERRRRCKKKKK... ok, sorry reeling it back in... You have to admit there's nothing sexier than an 'art man', hmmmm...clarify...during the day he's going to have to be a construction worker or a fireman or some other manly profession, I like a manly man with a dash of sensitive creativity...but he can't like handbags and shoes more than me. LOL I've gone to far...

I hope to catch up and visit all of you sooner rather than later...I hope you have a blessed day! XOXO Keke