Friday, November 13, 2009

Thankful Friday

This would be my "Mitzi" and her band of "Princess." Have you ever seen such amazingly beautiful girls in your life? Mitzi is a lucky duck, and so am I! American husband and I were discussing last night and we decided if Mitzi and I got nothing else right in our life, we sure made beautiful babies! Don't mean for that to sound boastful, it's just really a true fact.
And the best part of all, our babies are beautiful from the inside out!
I've posted about this site previously, fun little creative site.
Visit for a smile or a little inspiration.
" Party Cupcake Ideas" was the site with the "Little Blue Box" giveaway,
Uh hum, yes that would be Tiffany's.
The cupcake pendant I so badly wanted to win for baby girl.
We didn't win, but that's ok, baby girl's blue box will come another day! ;)
My beautiful niece, dressed for the Opera, with her beautiful friend/employer/mother of the cutest baby twins you ever wanted to see and another good woman taking another one of our daughters under her wing to demonstrate grace and the art of giving. Thank you to all of you women who hold this light!
Take a Walk on the Happy Side
Visit this site for a little perspective.
Hurray it's Friday! I'm so ready for this weekend! Thankful thought #1 today. My thankful thought #2 is I will get a two day reprieve from "soulless" she's out of town today and Monday! HURRAY!!! Thankful thought #3 Had my monthly visit with Dr. Daisy yesterday afternoon and I finally got a copy of my records and a referral so I can hopefully score an appointment with the new neurologist in Sacramento who actually accepts my insurance provider which will save me $3000.00 every three months and hopefully I can get my treatments and my finances back under control! And with that happiness, I must leave you....I wish you a day of bright sunshine, abundant happiness and at least three things you can be thankful for today! XO Keke


Patti said...

Hi! Happy Saturday! Can you please send me your e-mail address- I could not access it through your blog- my e-mail would not let me (???). Mine is Thanks~ Have a wonderful day

Bodecia Arietty said...

Aunt Keke, you are the best in the world! The pictures of the wedding venue are great and I love hearing about all of the prep work! I got the packages you sent me! It was so nice. Ryan brought the mail in and Louise said "Are those the packages I have been expecting?" "Nope they are all for Jessica!" It couldn't have come at a better time. I was having a rough night but then again your packages always have wonderful timing. I really love the little queen of hearts and the snoopy shirt is amazing.... I love you and I hope things are going well for you.... Oh by the way, you are AMAZING!