Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Happy Christmas!

It is officially Christmas! Thirteen minutes past in fact...although my lovelies and I have been celebrating the coming of Christmas all month. "Hark the Herald Angels sing...Joy to you, a new born King..." I am up, partly because I am nursing my way back to health from the most awful winter bug, and partly to answer Santa's call, and yes, even though my lovelies have grown far past what some may think an acceptable age to believe, we are a house that still believes. "Yes Virgina, there is a Santa Claus!"

We believe in the magic and wonderment of all that is good and kind and true... the sparkle in a child's eye, the kindness from a stranger pass, the lovely sound of someone speaking, "Merry Christmas", (and if you listen very carefully the sounds of eight tiny reindeer on the roof). And so it begins, with this, so fitting to be my first post on my first blog, such a wonderment for a technically inept girl. A world so full of wonder and Merry Christmas' as I struggle to unwrap my beautiful messy life. The Merriest of Merry Christmas' I wish for every one... and to my beautiful sister Mitzi, whom along with her woman tribe and princess' and my lovely princess Kitty, have helped me see magic again, I dedicate this to you, with big love and deep gratitude.