Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The last time I posted was actually an accident...I downloaded a new photo application and was trying to see if it would post to Cherry Kingdom.... Um...the I love unicorn pic would actually be one of Mitzi's beauties... Princess Em. I was also rushing to try to post as everyday spins out of control and takes a life of it's own around much has happened and happens everyday it's not a wonder I'm exhausted to scramble to keep up. In any case, Em is Mitzi's baby, only she's not a baby any more. I thought I should post the proof... less she complains to Mitzi again that I am posting 'unapproved' photo's. ( She doesn't know yet that a bad pic could never exist of her, she's so beautiful it's just not possible!) I was speaking with Mitzi the other day and gasping over the latest photo's of her. I asked Mitzi "When did that happen" in my mind all her girls all live perpetually as little girls and obviously that is not the case.
Time is such a thief, and since sadly I don't get to see them everyday and I live by the photo's posted, I must say I'm in shock. Instead of beautiful baby she has become a beautiful babe....and that will take work for me to reconcile.

Speaking of time and thievery and beautiful babies....

Remember beautiful boy and girl got married and had a beautiful baby....I received an invitation to baby Alex's first birthday party....remember the ultrasound pics I posted the summer before last...well look at this beautiful boy!
Unbelievable beautiful boy....
As I struggle to re-engage in blog land because I miss posting and all of you so much....I feel like this last year has been stolen from me... poof! Gone! I have so much to catch you all up on...battles fought...still fighting...and the struggle to keep my head on straight. "No pun intended." I hope that this will be the first of a continuance and that you are all better than well! I hope your summer has been filled with warm sunshine, lot's of laughter and love from your family and friends....and for now I'm off to another doctor's appt. which is the appropriate segway for what I have to tell you either tonight or tomorrow morning.... Be blessed!


Tuesday, September 14, 2010