Saturday, March 12, 2011

Is that a Cherry or an Apple?

I was in the book store about three weeks ago and I found this awesome magazine from the U.K. I can not tell you how many times I've poured over the pages of this a sloppy bucket of crazy I am simply mad for it!!

Unlike a lot of other DIY magazines on the market, for some reason, this one just speaks to me. My favorite thing about this magazine is the term 'maker'.

I spent the first twenty years of my life designing and making folk art, dolls, primitives, etc... yet I always had a hard time calling myself a 'folk artist'. Never mind the fact that my designs were taken to show in Chicago and other places around the country,I had a pretty sturdy following and received calls almost daily from prominent folk art stores for my wares... I didn't have the confidence to define myself.

I think I was hung up on the term 'artist'...It felt presumptuous to call myself as such. All these years later, although I dibble in this and that and no longer sell for profit I still struggle by the same definition, until now. It's taken 27 yrs to know how to describe myself or what I do... I am indeed a 'Maker'. I love that term!! There is no pressure to claim to be an artist, as if the word 'artist' by definition demands some type of approval or credibility. I'm simply a 'Maker'. No less no more. I also absolutely adore that this mag is called 'Making'.
I couldn't wait to try a pattern, and since I've seem to have forgotten how to crochet, which totally blows my mind since I use to crochet like a mad woman when I was a teenager, here I am trying to remember...trying to retrain myself, and we won't even discuss how my attempt to learn knitting is coming along... I read the pattern, of course I can do this, easy peasy, hands down. And when I was all done....


Is what my attempt to make THIS turned out like... ughhh...sighhhhh... Is it an apple or a cherry? None the less since it's the size of a ping pong ball I'm most likely not going to be wearing it proudly on my sweater any day soon!! Practice is as practice does...I shan't give up, only take a deep breath and try try again. In the meantime, if you want to have a better look at this awesome magazine go HERE.
Until tomorrow...
May your day be filled with rainbows!
XO Keke
aka: 'A Maker


Patti said...

Hi! First off- I LOVE the new blog header and sides- so very cute and spring-y!!! That magazine sounds wonderful- I clicked on the link and loved what I saw... I agree with you about the term "artist" implies so very much more (and at a higher level)! Maker is good- for me I think it would be Piddler...And your crochet project looks JUST like cherries! How cute they are- wish I could crochet! Hope all is well!!! HUGS~

Suzanne said...

I'm soooooOOOooo happy that I came here before bed tonight. You made my day and it was a crappy day! It's been a crappy time for a while now...but here you are making. I love Making mag and would spend all of my time and money making if I could. Miss you and sorry I haven't been around. Things are absolutely turning around for the better (I really pray they do). And how are you? Beautiful Blog too. Lovely. Big kiss and hug!


Nan said...

I'm with you I have had people try and tell me I'm an artist. No way am I anything like that I just make stuff and mainly copy not even being my original idea. I can take someone's idea and run with it giving it my touch but I didn't think it up in the first place.
This magazine looks just great. Have you worked on any Easter tags as yet? My stuff is sitting there but I made tags I felt inspired to make however they were not Easter themed.

She'sSewPretty said...

I'll have to look for that magazine. It looks like something this "maker" would love! I think your cherry turned out cute too!