Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Lovely Day....

Today was the loveliest day I've had in a very long time. I spent it with the most gracious couple pictured above. Mitzi's daughter Amy is in the city celebrating her honeymoon with her new husband and was generous enough to take a day to spend with me.

They came early this morning and then we drove up to the loveliest place on earth.... except it wasn't as lovely as it normally is....after a long hot summer everything lacked the green and glow that it usually has and was more crispy and brown. The flowers that are usually in abundance were barely found and a few of the shops and my favorite gallery was closed since it was mid week, and it was 90 degrees. Still.... all was right with the world because the two of them together exuded the glow that filled the plaza with that which was lost in the summer heat. We did see a few shops, had a nice lunch, sat on a bench in front of the duck pond and listened to the water fall. This afternoon we visited the champagne caves, but again, the caves were closed....so we sipped on a glass of champagne on the terrace over looking the vineyard and the mountains and chatted a while. We ended the day with dinner at a Thai restaurant before it was back to the city for them. Honestly more generous than I would ever expect, I would have been thrilled to have had lunch with them considering they're on honeymoon.... AH and I both really liked Amy's new husband, he is very friendly and out going and seemed to be very genuine and kind, all the qualities we want our daughters to find in a good man. I could tell that he was very attentive to her and it was sincere. Honestly.
As far as the above pics, I have to give credit where credits due...the beautiful pics above were taken by Liv in the Moment photographer, (because I seem to be so scattered and absent minded these days and I forgot my camera!) Ugh, dah! It's ok. Mitzi's little Liv is a far more talented photographer... I've posted about her keen eye before, but honestly you should click on her tab in my side bar...I'm not being a braggy aunt...she really is taking amazing pics.... And to that I'm going to say good night, it's been a full and lovely day...sleep sweet dear friends.
I hope this post finds you better than well. XOXO Keke


Liv said...

awww you're so sweet!
I wish I was out there too. I miss my auntie <3

love you!

Patti said...

Beautiful pics- a very talented niece indeed! Glad you got to spend a wonderful day with the newleyweds. Hope things are going well for you~~~ Take care!