Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dreaming of Sugar Plums before Halloween?

I have been dreaming of Christmas for months now. Why? I can't say for sure. It's complicated. Story of my life. I have a list of though.

1. First and foremost I never know when I will have a good/bad day (s) ... what I used to take for granted, all that I could accomplish and shove into a day, I now have to be well planned for. Additionally, the simplest task seem to wear me out now? Wear me out = dystonic tremors = bed all day. I find that to be the most frustrating thing of all.

2. For some reason I feel the need to amend the travesty of last years Christmas.

3. I just finished Count down to Christmas matchbox swap. I can not wait to get those little gems in the mail. I love decorating matchboxes....they are easy, I can do a little, rest and repeat.

Linda at, "A Swap for All Seasons" is truly the best swap hostess on the planet. {aswapforallseasons.blogspot.com }The idea was 25 matchboxes swapped for 25 in return and then opening one a day starting December 1. Kind of like an advent calendar only better. I have to give props where due and I couldn't have accomplished and finished with out baby girl's assistance.... (One more thing I hate and can't get used to....my own self sufficiency is ultimate to me...it's very difficult for me to wave a white flag) However...I am so grateful when she rescues me, esp when I'm refusing to be rescued.

4.The economy is tough right now, things are tight. When the kids were little and AH and I had so little money, I always shopped year round, I always had a gift closet filled with all things wonderful, it was truly an awesome thing. I never had to worry if the kids came home with a last minute birthday party invitation, etc. I was fully stocked, and enjoyed my friends making the comment, "I just don't know how you do it?". That my friends is how I did it. And actually, everyone ends up getting much lovelier gifts because I can find things at a fraction of the retail price by not waiting to shop until a week before I need it.

5. AH. That's all I need to say. I wish you could all see him on Christmas morning, it's like magic, his face is all a glow and his Christmas spirit is so real you can taste it.

I won't continue my list...we could be here all night, just thought I'd let you all know where my head was these days...it's truly a great distraction.

How cute are these paper dolls? I copied and shrank them to use like tissue paper to fold over the little goodies that was in each match box. I hope I posted this right so you can click to enlarge and print it out, I have a whole bunch of favorite girls out there who have little princess' that this would make simple projects for.... you know who you are. Think of having them cut these out to make pennant banners for Christmas with.... paper,glue, scissors,string and a printer is all you need.

A. Print out two or three copies.
B. Have the baby girls cut out all the little pieces.
C. Draw small triangles for them to cut out.
D. Paper punch the corners of the wide part of the pennant.
E. Glue dolls and accessories to the triangles.
F. Add any beads, glitter or embellishments that make them giggle with sparkly delight.
G. Tie pennant flags together with sting, ribbon, torn fabric, etc....
H. Hang like garland all over the house.

How much fun would this little project be? Not that messy, just glue, string, paper, etc.
Could be a ten minute project or an hour depending on how busy you want to keep them...and I think a sweet keepsake to keep or even maybe a tradition for years to follow. Uhhum...and I will be doing this, so I'm hoping I'm not a dork and the only one out there with a little girl inside that just wants to come out and play.... WALLAH!!! Yummy adorableness!!!!

When my match boxes come I will try to post a pic of each every day beginning Dec. 1, (if I can wait that long.... most likely I won't be able to. At least I have good intentions of doing this.... I'm also going to try to post inspiration at least a few times a week from now until baby Jesus' birthday. It makes me happy, and infinitely better and more motivating rather than posting my complaints and challenges. Speaking of baby Jesus, check out 'aswapforall seasons.blogspot.com' Linda's last matchbox posted was one celebrating him and it's soooo adorable as well as the story she posted along with it....did I tell you how much I love her and what a stellar person I think she is? You can also find link in my side bar.

All things frivolously mentioned above....I hope you are all better than well! Sleep sweet dear friends.... XOXO Keke


Suzanne said...

I haven't been online in a while but then the thoughts of you, tugging at me to go to the computer and check in. So here I am, finding that you're still yourself and loving your family and keeping creative. I wish that I could take the physical pain away and who knows...maybe someday we will find a cure! I've been spending much of my time mothering the girls that need me so much. My youngest is behind in her learning, probably my fault for having so much surgery these past months. My preteen is receiving unwanted attention from boys at her middle school (yes, she started middle school). She's just way too pretty. Thank God she's so smart or we'd be in big trouble. counsellor's at school and a new therapist are helping her work out her flashbacks to when she was 5 and abused by my ex-husband. Counting our blessings that we have my Superman husband and that we are working through these things together. Calmly and with the promise of things getting better. This is where I've been...finding the right therapist isn't easy but after many, many calls we have found her. I think that the illness really woke me up to what I was missing and has intensified my focus on loving them.

Big hug,

Patti said...

Ooo- you did the matchbox swap! Good for you! I fiound it WAY too daunting- although it DID look fun and now I will be mad I didn't do it. I JUST can't win! Sounds like you are keeping busy- good for you again... And I love the paper dolls- just love them! The lucky swapper who gets you! Hope your Halloween was good- ours was picture perfect with all its autumnal prettiness. Take care my friend...