Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Two for Tuesday

Whoo Hoo, I'm awake, I really get to pull off 'Two for Tuesday', which is my way of making up for missing one to many 'Something Good Mondays and the Joy Factor'. Actually, it may be a record, I've been awake for an hour and a half and I'm not starting to nod yet.... A little problem for me that has came up of late...I can be sitting up, talking on the phone, eating, [which AH seems to think is really funny], etc...and I will just nod off. What is that all about? Before this time period it would happen to me randomly but not often over the last six months, it has grown to be a daily problem...Sometimes it really freaks me out, sometimes it feels like what people describe a coma to feel like...sometimes I will just get up and move, no matter how tired I feel I will just stay on my feet, I haven't nodded off standing up yet...LOL! In any case, I'm awake and I've been stopping by saying thank you to all of you and as always am blessed and inspired by the visits...Dawn at 'The Feathered Nest' is an amazing and generous artist, [our favorite kind]. If you haven't stopped by, your in for a treat!

When I was visiting I ran across a button that lead to free images and another amazing giving artist [ http://tammytutterow.com/ ], where I found the image above and thought, "Hey, that could be Mitzi and Me".

And do you remember in December when I shared with you an amazing specialty online bakers supply shop called 'Fancy Flours'?
Just look at those amazing cookies, remember me telling you that Mitzi and I discovered edible glitter for the wedding cake? Well those cookies are adorned with edible printed paper, I so want to order some! According to the description you apply them to the cookies with Karo syrup. Easy peasy!
And remember my fascination with 'Wonderland'? Wouldn't you just love to have these figures for a cake? A little pricey for the unemployed but delightful just the same!

However...there are these edible images for cookies that one might afford and they are just as delightful!

Last but not least, how adorable are these cupcake toppers? We have a birthday coming up soon for baby boy... I was looking for something unusual to fit the occasion and Fancy Flours definitely has anything and everything you can't find else where.... YUM!
And that wraps up 'Two for Tuesday'...I wish you sugarplum dreams...
Sleep sweet dear friends...XOXO Keke


The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Keke, you are such an angel!!! Thank you so much for the link love girl! Plus, thank you for visiting me and leaving a comment ~ I've followed your journey for quite awhile now and always want to encourage you!!! Change in our lives can be shocking and quite hard to adjust to but it seems that things DO happen for a reason as there is usually something wonderful just around the corner...and you've arrived at your corner honey. Creating is a true form of therapy, just start with a few small things...see how it makes you feel!!! You write so beautifully by the way, have you ever considered writing???? I hope your week just gets better and better sweet friend, hugs and love, Dawn

Tracy Suzanne said...

Hey Keke. It is so good to have you back. I was getting really worried and was thrilled to see you leave me a comment. You've been through so much maybe this is just your body finally coming down from all the adrenalin it's been having to produce just to get you through all the major stress. My you body is finally coming down and trying to catch up on what it really needs....which is rest Sweetie. Don't push yourself, you've done that for long enough. God is watching over you. I'm always thinking of you and praying for you.

Oh' and you know my sweet tooth, I'm loving and craving all the goodies you posted.

Love you....Tracy :)