Monday, March 8, 2010

Something Good Monday and the "JOY" Factor

It's been a long short and sweet it is.
I have spoken before how much I love, simply adore ME.
Imagine my shock to jump on her site only to find out my favorite magazine has been temporarily suspended due to lack of advertisers, due to the economy. Insert small tear streaming down the center of my cheek. ME is still however worthy of a 'Joy' factor post, and besides Mary states that hopefully this is just a small vacation until other game plans can be implemented to gain new advertisers. Which is 'something good', one because I believe her and I do believe she will resurrect the 'Home Companion', and two, it demonstrates the hope and strength of women and how we can turn even the bleakest situations around. I hope the link above leads you to your "Joy" factor...even if it's the smallest smile! Isn't the above print the best? I love animal balloons. Did I ever tell you about the balloon artist I met in my beloved Sonoma and that I had her tie up a dozen pink poodle balloons and put them on a stick? I then wrapped the pink poodles in tissue paper so it looked like a bouquet of pink poodles! LOL, it was the best!

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