Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy Anniversary.... ?

I haven't posted this last couple of mornings...everything has been madhatter...Monday/Tuesday I took sick days, (slept through most of both days, how is it possible for me to still feel so exhausted?) returned today, just feels like I'm spinning and reeling trying to catch up to my life...Today was typical day of nonsense and trying to catch up everything that soulless had messed up in the two days I was off...I should have taken today off as well...but she was out of control and I had to return to save my staff..any way, I keep saying today, but it's technically tomorrow since it's 12:15 a.m. Thursday morning...but like I said...trying to catch any case, I didn't get home until 7:00 tonight...AH greeted me at the door in a cheerful smelled like something yummy cooking...odd, but thankful, I was starving, I tried to eat a pear at 3:00 today, but with two staff members in front of me begging for me to put out the twentieth fire of the day, I threw half in the girl had called me about 6:00 to see when I was coming home...odd...AH waited for me to set everything down before he comes to give me a hug and say "Happy Anniversary..." shame...I can't believe I forgot today was our Anniversary....or yesterday technically...twenty four years that have disappeared in a blink...I hung my head in shame and apologized profusely...AH is very sentimental about these things...him and baby girl started giggling and AH said to her, "I told you she forgot", sigh...and then moved right into the discussion of what is on the menu for New Years Eve game night...which I hadn't shopped for yet...of off to the grocery store...returned home, ate a bite and now it's off to bed where hopefully I will sleep sweet and dream of soulless being sent off to where ever they send tyrants for punishment and for me a nice long restful vacation preferably somewhere tropical!
XO Keke


Anonymous said...

Good morning Sweets, glad to see the post. I'm so happy to hear that you took some time off to demand too much of yourself. Happy Anniversary... here's to memories that fly too fast...Happy New Years dear sister. I LOVE YOU!! Mitzi
p.s. missing you

Patti said...

Happy Anniversary! What a sweet AH you have!!!