Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Two for Tuesday

Two for Tuesday... Two days since my last post...Sunday was spent at the beach, baby girl, American Husband and I headed out for what I thought would just be a couple of hours, turned into the whole day. The Pacific captures you that way, it struggles to pull you in, you struggle not to leave... I will post hopefully tonight the experience along with pictures...
Monday spent trying to catch up to myself. As hard as I fight to live as normally as possible and not let Dystonia define me, normalcy and the struggle depletes me...more to say on that later as well... Yes, madhatter time, still waiting for med's, not working so well, so I have to throw it in and accept it will be one of those days so I just have to go...
I hesitated to post these two pictures. Paper doll templates. Today I will find where these come from and give proper credit. 1920's...just had to post...one of my favorite things, paper dolls. Another life long fascination, I remember begging for them and loving them so much when I was a little girl...I haven't out grown them...

Sigh... aren't these two pages marvelous? The year before last I participated in a paper doll swap that I absolutely loved...I would like to host one of my own, but then again, I would need more than four followers wouldn't I? Am I the most boring blog on the planet? I definitely need a better marketing plan! LOL. Not that I don't love my existing four followers, they are magnificent women! Maybe Terri at Blooming Ideas can help me...now that woman is well connected! LOL!
Love you Terri! Well, the clock has struck one and it's time to run... Have a blessed day! XO Keke
P.S. Two for Tuesday is intended to mean hopefully I'll be back tonight with more enthralling news... ;-)


Tracy Suzanne said...

Hi fun girl. I love coming to your blog and checking out the latest. I see that You've Got A Friend from Carol King's Tapestry album is at the top of your play list. I just love that song so much. So many memories. Well it suites us perfect because I want you to know you've got a friend.

I hope your meds get straightened out soon. I'm sorry your struggling so much right now. My wish for you is that you get some relief from the struggle and pain.

Talk about boring blogs. It seems I just can't get caught up enough to be showing anything interesting. Last night was plumbing night at my house and we're not done yet.

I love reading your blog. You have such great insight and a wonderful way of writing and expressing yourself.

Lots of love, Tracy

Patti said...

Hi! I hear you about blogs- I don't have very many followers either and I NEVER know what to post about. I am sooo boring!!!
I meant to get back to you sooner- it's the end of our quarter at school and things are crazy. Plus in the last 5 days- I have only been at school 1 1/2 days due to in-services so I have been playing a lot of catch-up.
Decorating style- you ask...Hmmm...very vintage (as in antiques and cool stuff), somewhat shabby chic (more shabby than chic) and I do pretty much like it all (except modern). How about you????? What are your interests? I have a clue from you posts, but what else? How do you decorate? What styles do you prefer?
BTW- I LOVE LOVE LOVE paper dolls!!! Did when I was little and still do! Sorry this is so long- I should have sent you an e-mail.

Mine is plindeman@palos118.org

Have a wonderful rest of the week~