Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Alice Lidell the child for whom "Alice in Wonderland" was based on. I feel like Alice. Actually she kind of looks like me when I was little, mainly because of the haircut. I can remember begging my mom not to have my haircut like this, or worse yet, the dreaded "pixie cut", OOOOH that was the worst! I can remember crying and feeling like I looked like a boy! My mothers reasoning at the time was that it was easier to take care of. I beg to differ! I've had long hair practically since the day I left home. There is nothing faster and easier than long up swept hair, in a knot or a pony tail, ten minutes and I can be out the door! Give credit where credit is due. Thanks to my mother and her mothering technique I have raised two incredible babies and all because I basically assumed what ever she did, I would do opposite. I say this in love, so don't immediately start thinking I'm a monster...she did the best she could with what she had, I'm sure. I think a lot of women of my mothers generation had conflicted mother wasn't exactly raised in a loving, emotionally intelligent and aware home. Those were the days when parents would say, "stop crying before I give you something to cry about..." That is quite possibly the most ignorant statement on the planet, ok, maybe not the most, but it's in the top five. Obviously if a child or anyone is crying for that matter, they already have something to cry about! I hated hearing that as a child, I wasn't exactly a whining, whimpering sickly child. Again, gratitude. I allowed my children to cry all day long if they felt it necessary, our home was an emotionally safe zone where everyone was free to express their feelings and always, always speak in truth. Why is all of this stuff spilling out of my head this morning...sorry, I have no idea...I guess somethings you spend a life time trying to reason and process. Two for Tuesday fell to the wayside, too exhausted by the time I got home, always, always too much to do and not enough time and energy in a day. Maybe tonight, or maybe tomorrow, actually, I probably would have posted again if I had enough time to run and get the pictures onto a disk so I could download into this stupid malfunctional lap top! Wait to you see the pic's, I think they are going to be pretty awesome! But then again, you can't really take bad pic's if your at the beach, sand between your toes, the crashing waves, the moist salty doesn't really get any better than that! Mad hatter time. This post has been a random spilling of random thoughts that probably has made no sense...some days are just like that! Have a blessed day! XO Keke

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Terri said...

the first half of the post I could of written ....that was my experience and thought processes. That's what my Parents said and that's how I felt about it. It was kinda cool and freaky at the same time to know some one else went through exactly what I did.

Hope this day finds you doing well.