Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall... How is everything ever going to work out and be normal again? Having a blue day, just too exhausted from the constant struggle...Will I ever be happy, be normal, not have to struggle all the time?

Mitzi and her band of Princess' on my mind all week. Photo above is of her baby, dear sweet Emily...So adorable I could just bite her!
Picture of beautiful groom and baby Alex from my visit with them, another beautiful thing that inspires one to keep breathing at least for one more day. He returned back to work from his paternity leave yesterday, and while I wanted him to have that time with his new little family, I'm sooo glad to have him back!
I don't think I told you about my "Free" mirror...American Husband thought I'd lost my mind as I called and woke him up on my way out to work and told him
there was a really great mirror by the dumpster and he needed to get his rear end out of bed and go get it for me before someone else got it...didn't have time to throw it in the car as madhatter time was in full swing! Actually, he was really quite grumpy about it! I didn't care! I had to have that mirror...he changed his mind once he got down there an saw that it was made of "real" wood...it was an ugly brown, but American Husband painted it for me...It weighs a ton, but I just love it!
Here it is decorated for Halloween...American Husband being the driving force for every holiday, I swear he's a five year old in a grown up body! Don't mean for that to sound disparaging...some times it's cute, others it's just entirely too much! But it's still a great mirror!
I'll end this with a picture of him trying on his Halloween mask, he can't decide if he'll be a bank robber with this mask, Al Cappone or Buster Keaton, he has three different hats and every time he changes them he looks a different way...he's been decorating and messing in all the Halloween stuff since September 30th, so I'm certain he'll have it all figured out by showtime!
Have a blessed day good citizens!

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Tracy Suzanne said...

Hey Keke. I'm so sorry your day started out blue. I hope it turned into a big bright ball of sunshine! The pics of Emily and baby Alex are so cute. I just love the smell of a fresh baby. My, my, my what a find that mirror was. I can just picture that fun call with American husband. I think it's so cute that he likes the holidays and how sweet to paint your mirror for you.
Hugs....Tracy :)