Monday, October 19, 2009

I have no time this morning, but am ecstatic to tell you that I have received a partner...close call, whew! I had emailed Linda at "A Swap for All Seasons" to tell her I would like to participate in the cabinet card swap as soon as she posted what the swap would be a few weeks ago, and I think I was sent directly to SPAM! So typical! Soooo...yesterday, when she said she had sent out partners I was shocked that I didn't receive one! Long story short, I sent another email and lucky, lucky me...Linda answered back this morning and had a partner for me! Whooo too close for comfort, I would have been severely disappointed, I had already bought my cabinet card on Saturday. That is a trip and a story for another day! So I quickly jumped on to my new partners blog and you know what? I think we'll get along nicely! Her name is Patti, she lives in Illinois and she has quite a lovely blog... You know how much I love sharing bits and pieces of others hearts and homes, this should be wonderful! On that note, way past Madhatter time, have to run...Have a blessed day good citizens!


Patti said...

Hi!!! Yay! I am your swap partner for the Cabinet swap! I am looking forward to getting to know you...and I LOVE your blog- I'm at school now and don't have much time BUT I will be back and BTW- LOVE Bon Jovi!!!! Have a wonderful day!

Tracy Suzanne said...

Hey Sug. I hope work and all who belong there played nice today. You watch one day your gonna walk in there and the unspeakables name will just know your socks off with appreciation because of all the be nice vibes sent to her. She won't even know what's going on. Ha!

I'm glad you got in on your swap. Thanks for posting about Patti, I did go check it out. She seems very nice with such pretty photos and writings.
Have a super duper lovely evening. (Can you tell I'm feeling better? Must be all your good wishes and the cool weather).
Love Ya, Tracy :)

Tracy Suzanne said...

OOPS ~ That was supposed to be
"blow you socks off" LOL.