Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I thought I'd share something of inspiration with you this morning...really just a distraction of everything that is wrong right now that I'm trying to spin out of. This site has awesome graphics, inspiration and supplies that are quite reasonably priced! Esp. considering that you can shop in the comfort of your own home, relaxed, with a cup of tea. If you haven't visited before, you really should. Of particular inspiration is
is this picture of what they call Altered Crystal Art. Three Crystal French Pendants for $ 6.50. That's pretty reasonable, and they explain the supplies you'll need to accomplish this project which are also reasonable. What girl doesn't love shiny crystal things, they call these pendants, I think they look like chandelier thingy's (yes that's the technical word for them) But, if you have an old chandelier laying around, or could find one at a tag sale...but still, I think these would make a wonderful gift and @ three for $6.50, you could go all out and give some one all three or just one for which your gift(s) would only cost around $2.17 ea and you really couldn't find anything nice for less...can you imagine what a tree would look like filled with these little babies as ornaments? Speaking of, Julie of Cupcake DD is trying to pull a little swap together on her Vintage Ephemera Swap Flicker Group. She's calling it, "Home for the Holidays II." She's asking group members to pick between two themes they would enjoy participating in and one of them would be an ornament swap. I told Julie I couldn't decide, but after seeing these I'm inspired to change my vote to ornaments! You should take a peek, Julies an awesome swap hostess.
I'm also thinking Mitzi's Kingdom needs some of these and so does Cherry Kingdom...last year my staff wanted to do an ornament swap for the holidays, so maybe I would do this for that as well...Speaking of swapping, Linda at "A Swap for all Seasons" posted the most adorable catalog card today just to fuel our imaginations for the impending swap.
I bought my cabinet card last Saturday because I was impulsive and now I'm rethinking the image, I knew I should have waited to find out who my partner was first...and I should have also did some research since I really had nothing to pull from for this having not ever done one's ok, that's the whole point of creative growth, right? I actually am happy to have found these "little" projects since I promised American Husband no more projects for a while any way...I'm not really breaking my promise, I'm just adding a small "claus" in the deal! HA! I figure if I keep them small and don't liter the dining room table with my creative endeavors for weeks at a time I'm staying with in the legal confines of the agreement. Right? Besides, while he may not realize the benefit of a little bit of "art therapy", I do, and I promise him he might not like me very much if I could not partake in such therapy! Well that's all I have this morning, madhatter time and I've managed to get through this posting almost not posting my complaints which was the goal! Have a happy day dear citizens! XO Keke


Patti said...

Hi again!! Imagine my surprise when I popped over to your blog and there was Red Lead- my absolute favorite on-line place in the world!!!!! Seriously- it is my dream to visit there some time real soon! I actually might have had the opportunity to do so on Halloween- my daughter almost was in a soccer tournament in St. Louis next weekend and my DH said I could go to Red Lead BUT the team is not going to the tournament- darn!!! Hope all is well and have a good end to your week~

Rebecca said...

Hi KeKe
So nice to meet you and thank you for that nice comment. Always nice to know you made someone smile.
Just going through your blog and see you love altered art, I haven't tried the trade cards yet but maybe someday. All of it looks so wonderful.
I hope you have a great day