Sunday, October 18, 2009

Two post in one day? It's because I've been so
inspired that I have to share.

Inspiration #1 :
"Red Letter Words." I can only say check it out! The site will speak for itself. Two words... "Love It!"

Inspiration #2: Corrine Grant

This bracelet states "Peace" in four languages.
Just one piece of yumminess and you have to see the rest of her stuff!

Now I'll end with desert! Such Yumminess!!!
Whoo Hoo, I'm on a roll tonight!
I stumbled across a site called "Party Cupcake Ideas"
And if you love cupcakes, (who doesn't?) you will love this site. And see that picture to the right?
Yes that is a "Tiffany's" box and it's a little cupcake pendant give away!!! I would love to win this for baby you know one of her nicknames is "cupcake". I could put it under the tree! Christmas is just around the corner and I think she would just faint to see the "Blue" box! Every girl knows..."Blue Box = Tiffany's!"

Ok, that's a wrap, I've worn myself out again with so many yum yums!

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Tracy Suzanne said...

Great find Keke. As much as I'd like to win it - I wouldn't mind you winning it for baby girl's Christmas. Thanks for posting it. Hope you have a beautiful day today. I'm sending soulless be nice vibes. Hope it's working.
Love Ya, Tracy