Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Thursday! more day! Keeping it short today, need to get into the office as all is not well and I lost sleep last night because of it!
I've been thinking lately that I need to start an additional blog to talk of my other seems impossible that I leave that detail off this one so maybe if I had another place to spill it I could keep the Kingdom as I intended which would be pure and fun and full of lovely things! I've been thinking of doing this for a while since I pretty much consider my blog writing therapy. Issue #1 What to call it? "A day in the office", "Another torturous hell day spent with soulless", (that's a little long) LOL, oh...don't have time this morning to think of something witty, maybe I need counsel from my followers! Help! I also think I would like to start a food blog just because I love it so much! Issue #3 while I'm getting all these bright ideas I need to remember that being a responsible blogger means not letting your readers down, which means, TIME, it takes TIME...a valuable commodity that I always seem to run short on...back to the office...I pretty much manage my staff as I managed my children, I don't mean to have that sound demeaning in any way but remember that book about everything you need to know you learned in kindergarten? Well I figure that only helps with part of life, every thing else you learn while being a mother... when my children were small there would inevitably be those times when one would feel neglected or feel that something wasn't fair... and then you have to sit down with them and explain that every one is loved equally but sometimes someone needs more and vise verse, blah, blah, blah, you know the speech...having a staff is very much like that, on any given day one of them is coming into my office and shutting the door behind them, sometimes it's personal, sometimes professional, most times a mix of both. I have always told my staff that I'm a pay it forward kind of girl and that when ever they felt they were ready to spread there wings and promote up or out that I would totally support them. I love my staff, they wouldn't be on my staff if they weren't all the qualities that basically people would call a "10". Well, I have one flying the nest and long story short, thanks to soulless it wasn't handled in a positive manner, not a surprise, hence the name soulless...needless to say it has brought out green monsters everywhere, and yesterday my office was a revolving door, some days I feel more like a therapist than a manager...exhausting! Um...look at me, didn't I say I was keeping this short? Speed dial...I have a new pic of baby Alex on this computer somewhere that I wanted to post today...wait to you see, one word, YUM! Cupcake DD decided we would do "home for the Holiday II" theme for the swap, that should be easy and fun. No that I'm rushing my thoughts are again scrambled and random so I will leave you with one last question..."Was it against the law to smile when you had your picture taken a hundred years ago?" This family either hated each other, hated their picture taken or were entirely too serious! Maybe all three! Have a blessed day good citizens!

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Tracy Suzanne said...

Hey. What a wild ride you sound like your on. Soulless never makes it easy does she or should I say does the beast? I know your staff must love you because you are so easy to talk to, so loving and so neuturing.

I don't know what it is about those old pictures. I guess when they only took one or two in a lifetime ~ well they took it serious. What a terrible way to look at and remember a pasted love one. Not with a smile but so non-feeling and just unhappy looking. Looks like they all posed for their mug shots.

Love & hugs...Tracy :)