Monday, September 28, 2009

Hmmm...another Monday, another day with my mind scrambled and a thousand stories running through it. Maybe not so much stories as random, rambling thoughts, I guess we could call them "short stories." Feeling homesick again, will I ever get over it? Not homesick for the place as much as the familiar, home sick for my lovely Sonoma, homesick for my Mitzi and the beautiful daughters. Two of my nieces, Amy and Katie at the right... Beautiful for sure, but also talented, and brilliant and the whole pkg. in general! I'm not gushing as much as it's just a fact. All of them are, if they gave an award for raising the best kid's on the planet, my Mitzi would win for sure...such classy girls! And then there is my lovely Sonoma. I tell myself that where I'm at is only temporary, only moved here to shorten commute, save $ and to heal...a chance to pull everything together and move back to the loveliest place on earth once my employment moves to that area. It doesn't console me, it feels like a mistake, although the commute has shortened drastically and I think my health is better for it...from 3 hrs a day in the car down to 30 min round trip. Working at baby boy's house in the loveliest place on earth has intensified my lost/homesick feeling... How could I not feel this way, Sonoma, look at it. Every where you turn is just loveliness. I didn't make it to Halloween and Vine, so I'll have to depend on Ms Fashionista to give me the low down and I'll live vicariously through her experience another year. Next year, hell or high water I'll go for sure. Went to baby boy's new house both Saturday and Sunday. Finally after 5 days of non-stop cleaning and painting, starting to actually feel as if we've accomplished something and it could be a space that he could live in. I said it before and I'll say it again, I still can not believe anyone could live that way, the disgusting filth that literally took us 5 days to bleach off is mind boggling! He is so happy! Every day he tells me, "Mom, I'm so glad you gave us a kick in the butt and told us to get going with this..." He's talking about the half lecture which induced eyeball rolls at the beginning of summer that I gave him and his fiance. I told them to get their crap together, stop throwing their money out the window and take advantage of the real estate crash here in CA. I told him that starting their marriage(wedding in December) with a place of their own would go a long way to make their union's true. His fiance's brother got married last June and he and his bride had to immediately move in with her parents, after a wedding that cost $10,000.00 which I know is considered reasonable here in this area. I think, what's reasonable about that, they're honeymooners and living with her parents?...During the lecture I said, I promise, you want to set a foundation for your life. I did not want them to get married and struggle, end up with babies and struggle even more...voice of experience. I told them that starting their life together with their own house is more important than one day of pomp and circumstance! The wedding is still going to be beautiful and total pkg for beach wedding is only costing approx. $4500.00 which is really awesome no matter were you live, but esp. here in Northern CA. Well, it's madhatter time, and I wish you all wealth, happiness and a sunny day! XO Keke

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Tracy Suzanne said...

Hey Keke. You are so right about getting them to look at things responsibly. The last 10-20 years have been fun watching all the extravagence that people have been enjoying, wedding wise & more. But to be honest as bad as I hate America having so many economic issues, recession, etc., it's kind of nice to see people using more ingenuity than money again. I think it makes us a strong country full of stronger individuals.
Happy Monday, Tracy