Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I'm experimenting with the "Follower" button on my side bar...to date I have exactly three followers...whoo hoo!!! Questionable. Ok, so I know who one is, that would be Sheri, queen extraordinaire also one of my "lefty sista's", owner of, "Sheri's Ramblings - A Dystonia Diary." Wit , charm, brains and beauty, you should definitely check it out!http://sharisramblingsadystoniadiary.blogspot.com/ The other two, however, thanks to googles allowance of creative identification and the use of said creative identification in the follower link, they remain a mystery to me. BarnOwl17 and Tonasun, ingenious creativity that keeps me guessing! I just want to yell, "Reveal yourselves, do not stay hidden in the shadows!" Shadows? If you look at my follower widget you will see only silhouettes of the followers... That's odd, I surf other blogs and they have the whole person...admittedly I am technically inept, but determined to increase my skills. I want to be a savvy blogger...seems a do-able aspiration??? I've asked "google blogger help" the identification question a thousand different ways, not to mention the search engines on blogger, google account, etc...to no avail. I also didn't realize that you can accept or block a follower, I would never want to block, or at least I can't yet figure out why I would, but friend? "Why yes, I would love to invite you to be my friend," doesn't everyone need more friends? Another curiosity, according to google help, people don't really look at or read the content in your sidebar...is that really true?
"But I have really cool things in my sidebar!" I asked them, "Are you sure?" Google didn't respond. Hmmm, don't believe anything you hear and only half of what you see? I look at sidebars, what would be the point of side bars if no one really looks at it? Why do people, {uhhumm..me} spend time filling it up with thrillingly interesting things? Google's recommendation is for me to move my "follower gadget" to the top of the side bar if I have any hope of gaining more followers...[am I doomed?] I don't want to move it to the top, I have thoughtfully arranged my sidebar...is that even reasonable? Is this where I need to look deep within myself and ask the all important question, do you want more followers or do you stubbornly want to leave your gadget where it's located? I've never had any one tell me to move my gadget, I've had people tell me to move other things...(!*#!*%) Too many questions before the day has really started, I'm exhausting myself, I can't imagine how you must feel! And to that, my faithful following and good citizens of blog land, I must go...few more things to accomplish before madhatter time...ohh, speaking of, should I let you know the latest with soulless so that you can be outraged with me, or should I leave you hanging on the edge of your seat? emmmm...Think I'll save it for tomorrow, stay tuned, it's definitely a shake of the head and can you believe it news...Go well today and be blessed. XO Keke

****Breaking news....Update...Already? Yes, I jumped back in to edit and update I think I just discovered who "Tonasun" is, mystery solved! She would be none other than...Tracy Suzanne, delightful owner of, "Cotton Pickin Cute," and yes she is! Check out her blog, check out her wallpaper! OOH, I so want a skirt made out of this print! I stumbled across her blog one day and a kindred spirit was found! She's also an Aries, which is quite a coincidence, I seem to collect Aries. My American husband is an Aries, among other friends and loved ones, so she'll fit right in! We also share the same musical taste, so we could have a creative dance party some day! LOL http://cottonpickincute.blogspot.com/ Check it out, you're really going to love her cuteness! P.S. If you need further incentive other than my honorable word and good taste about why you should check out her blog, and if you hurry...you can squeeze in on a cute little "give-away," It's Martha inspired, so you won't want to miss it!

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Tracy Suzanne said...

Oh Keke. Your so sweet and a wonderful writer. I hope to post today too. Thank you for all you precious comments. I'm so new to the blogging world that I don't even know how to add all the wonderful sidebars and things that might help my readers. I'm so please to consider you a friend. I see a bright blogging future for you!
Hugs, Tracy :)