Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fall in Love Today...

I found a new site today that captivates my imagination, I love to get lost in blog land these days...probably too much. Lisa Kettell is amazing!!!
Before moving to Oz, I spent twenty years making a living {almost} as a folk artist. Well, my American Husband says that anyway, humbly I say crafty enough to be a stay at home mom, home school and raise my babies.
I did however have a regular clientele base. I sold wholesale to Folk Art stores, and made enough to keep me home while American Husband held consistent employment. I loved that life! Then we moved to Oz and for some reason I felt like I lost my Mojo. Babies raised, not needing me any more, culture shock, small town, no stop light midwest girl moves a million miles away to big city and corporate life. This last year with Dystonia has taught me so many things, life is too short too not do what you really love, to be in love with every thing and every one around you! Inch by inch I'm fighting for my life back, trying to figure out who I am, what I am and what I love! Today I love Lisa Kettell, she has a million things going on, a million sites, [ok, I'm exaggerating] but she does seem to have a lot going on which reminds me of the old life that I loved so much. Check this other one out, not to mention her book, which would be awesome for me to have today for inspiration since I'm working on my circus swap.
Kind of like my big sister Mitzi, Cherry Queen extraordinaire, amazing artist and amazing mother to six beautiful Cherry Princess'! I'm in love with all of them too! It seems like I got to this place so quickly and it's taking so long to find my way back, like being lost in a thick forest. It's ok, it will be ok, as my big sister constantly reminds me, my given name does mean "warrior spirit." And to all of that, I say "Good day Blog land Citizens!" Baby girl's here and needs me to show her how to make Cheesy Broccoli soup for supper tonight, but first we have to shop! I hope you all find something to fall in love with today!

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Sharon said...

Keke I left a message on My comment page so check it out! Still ditzy but now I have a reason! Where are you from ? you keep calling your Hubby American husband? so funny! are men different elsewhere? I always wondered! My friend Terry says We are all married to the same man but with different names! LOL she is so right!