Friday, September 11, 2009

9-11/ God Bless America and Airport Day

To those of you who serve, sacrifice and give every day, past and present, for our life, liberty and happiness...thank you is hollow and not deep enough sentiment for what you give. For every family who misses a loved one, to every child who wakes up every morning without their mother or father or both, I pray for grace and for God's mercy and love to blanket you. To those of you whose loss is unimaginable to those of us so grateful, I pray for you peace.
God Bless America! Today, tomorrow and always. We are a resiliant nation that does not go gently, with humble courage we persevere.

Woke up this morning much the same as every other morning, except, I'm excited, it's airport day! I love going to airports, does that make me a weirdo? I just find them so interesting and there is an energy there that you don't get any place else. Milk gravy and biscuits done to fill the in-laws up before their day of travel. Woke sleepy head American husband up, I'm sure this day is bittersweet for him, for's been a looonnnggg two weeks. Doesn't feel like I've had a vacation from work...tried to be a good sport, but getting my life back will be awesome! If my life is always going to be a circus, why can't I look like this babe? To that point, keeping it short, in-laws eating breakfast, need to get in the shower so we can drive it like we stole it to the airport!
And to all you citizens in blog land, have a great and blessed day!

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