Monday, September 14, 2009

Back to Work Today

Nooo, I'm not ready, twelve days off, but that included weekends and the holiday, so I really only had to use seven vacation days, which is critical and I watch like a hawk now because of Dystonia. Can't afford to run out of option days. Not that it matters, soulless will challenge me on any day off I ask for. It seems like I only had two days off truly. Having the in-laws for 14 days depleted everything, and I spent the last two days since they boarded the bird trying to catch up. Ahhh...if only I had another week...I wonder if at the end of that week I'd want another...Dahhh!...of course I would. I'm surprised at myself, never used to feel that way. It's really an issue that I need to deal with in my head! Riding the fence on what to do with my life because I can't figure it out. Med bills, need for med insurance, economy, American husband still looking for a job because business closed...blah,blah,blah, not helping me here... I keep giving myself motivational speeches in my head, which I guess really does make me a head case! To that, I need to run like a Madhatter, before I go into another Pollyanna speech and I should shower before I return, not to mention, soulless is going to have a heart attack when I tell her I have to leave early for a Dr.'s appt this afternoon...can't be helped, she won't see it that way and I'll try to invisibly plug my ears when she makes her snide comments! Good day citizens of blog land and I hope you have a blessed day today!!!

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