Thursday, September 10, 2009

Baby Girl's Birthday, Baby Boy's New House, Beautiful Wedding and Random Thoughts

Baby girl turned 22 on Monday. Labor Day. Yes I was in the hospital on Labor Day with appropriate...and I was in the hospital on Mother's day for Baby boy's entrance into the world. She was delighted and is delightful! She received everything pretty much a modern girl needs...Yummy bubble bath items complete with a rubber ducky... A pink tool kit complete with a hammer that you can see by the picture she was thrilled with...pop up sock monkey from her dad, sock monkeys being one of her favorite things...speaking of, baby girl wasn't unemployed a

single day when the business she worked for closed...she got such glowing recommendations that she left her previous employer one day and started with her new one the next...same type of business so the word spread fast with the connections from previous. Bad news was she had to leave her previous manager behind whom she lovingly called her work mom, that was hard for her...I am so thankful for other loving women in the world that take my daughter under their wing. The picture of the bouquet is one we put together for work mama for baby girl to take to her on her last day of work. Ok..moving on. I promised a sneaky hint of my
crafty activities for my swaps I'm participating in...I think this one will really keep both my swap partners guessing...especially since both swaps are world's apart in theme...themes are still followed, but after talking to little Gypsy Mermaid, she inspired me in ways I can not explain, you so need to check out her blog!
A couple more days and I will be sending in the mail...I need to finish them up this weekend...It's been too crazy with the in-laws here...we take them back to the airport tomorrow... I have tremendously enjoyed being in swaps again, it's such good therapy for me. Back to the picture, it's a puzzlingly good one I think...I so hope my new swappy friends like what I've pulled together...I'm a little nervous they won't...ok here's the picture...see if you can guess what it is...

On another note...sweet adorable couple got married, they were both beautiful. Sweet little brides favorite color was purple, so I made purple roses on their wedding cake. It was pretty when I made it...but like all weddings big or small there is always a glitch...Beautiful groom refused to take the day off, even after I told him to, so I told him I at least wanted him to leave by 11 a.m. They were to be married on Wednesday. Tuesday afternoon, on my way home from work, I was sooo excited and happy to do this for them, I stopped and bought arm fulls of flowers...happiest I've
been in so long, Dystonia was in check, I was feeling great...and then I made the mistake of taking a totally unnecessary work call that was so venomous I ended up hanging up on my peer. I know people keep saying "no known cause, no known cure," well at least my nuero does...but don't you think it's odd that I went into a full blown Dystonic attack after the phone call? I've also talked to several other people who have claimed extreme stress at the onset, myself included, the stories maybe different, but the common theme is the stress, I believe mine is caused by a toxic work environment, for others it is personal situations. Although I'm so much better than where I was thanks to the botox, I still have episodes like the one on the afternoon I was to pull the flowers and the cake together for the beautiful couple. Back to that... I hang up the phone, my neck is cranking to the left, I keep trying to pull it back, I swallow medicine, get my wraps, get my tenz machine...I'm determined not to let the beautiful couple down...
As you can see, I did it, however it was a night and morning of torturous hell trying to accomplish this. I would do it all over again I love them both so much. The next morning I'm so dystonic and sick I can't figure out how I'm even going to get the cake and flowers to work for beautiful groom to take at 11 a.m. when he was to leave. I got there exactly at ll a.m. after sending the soulless and email telling her I would need a sick day. The plan was to drop off and come straight back home to bed. My American husband helped me pull everything together and to the car. I get on the express way that has been under construction for an eternity that is littered with signs every 10 ft that state, "caution, uneven pavement," I'm watching the cake vibrate back and forth, back and forth, almost like my head! I'm begging, "please just let me get this cake there in one piece!" Then, someone in front of me slammed on their brakes, which made me do the same, you guessed it, top layer slammed into the side of the box. Long story short, cake in ruins, I arrive, explain to the beautiful groom, and he assured me it was still beautiful, those sweet kids looked so beautiful, when he sends me the pictures I will post, and they still cut the ruined cake and fed each other a piece and took pictures of that much love. I did come right back home and go to bed for the rest of the day. The soulless chastised me. Typical. Said it seemed strange that I could deliver cake and flowers, but couldn't stay for work. I asked her if she would have rather I were the type of person that did not honor her word and would let one of my staff members down? I also asked if she needed me to start every morning by sitting in her office crying and telling her how sick I am for her to believe that I have a horrific disorder?
I don't understand why she can not appreciate that I struggle every day to handle my disorder with dignity and strength...but then again, that is why she is called soulless. Which brings me to another random thought, I can't decide which way to go with this blog, originally, before Dystonia, meant as a cheerful, now I seem to share things that aren't so cheerful...I've thought about starting a blog just for Dystonia, but two blogs would be too many for me to manage, and although Dystonia is not my whole life, it is a large part of it...for right now anyway. Hmmmm...still pondering, but as this post is already too long...I'm going to leave you all with the best news of the day... Baby boy signs papers any day on his very own first house. We met him and his fiance at the new palace for the final inspection with his awesome real estate lady today, with some elbow grease and a little paint it will be fit for a king, which is what his name means, {little king}, so proud and happy for him. And to that good citizens of blog land, blessings and good night... more Bob, he has been part of our family since baby boy was about six. Bob came in a magicians kit, he came with a card board box that baby boy would stick little plastic swords through, amazingly Bob lived, and stands beside the silver candlelabra on our table so patient and noble, just waiting to be of service. :)
Tee Hee the perfect man...

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