Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Reporting for Duty

Back to work today. I wish I had one more day, then I would wish for another and another. I am entirely grateful to be gainfully employed, so I am trying to keep a dutiful attitude.
I have already accomplished a lot this morning, my sleeping husband will wake to a surprise that I have yet again spray painted our dining room chairs. This would be about layer number five. They have been many colors over the years, but last years colors of silver and cream do not match the new nest. He also won't be happy for where I painted them. Right outside of our front door where we share a small balcony with our next door neighbors, one of whom walked by in the middle of my project. I winced and apologized for the fumes, she was gracious and said, "that's ok, that's awesome." He knows I'm impetuous, he also knows that when something is in my head I have to get it out... so in all fairness, he should be happy I'm making our new nest so lovely. Our new neighbors seem friendly, they are young, it's like three's company in reverse, two young men and a young woman. I was a little apprehensive when I first saw them, tattoo's, lots of them, and a general look of anarchy about them. But they are very polite in passing and always smile and greet me respectfully. To my benefit, I usually get along well with the younger generation, no matter what life style they choose. It's been my experience that they only want kindness and respect and when given it is returned.
Felt really rough when I woke up this morning, didn't sleep well. I didn't take any med's last night before I went to bed. I need to try to not take them if I can help it. It bothers me to take so many strong prescriptions. I went from being a girl who wouldn't take an aspirin for a head ache to a "junkie" overnight. I say "junkie" because that is what all of these pills make me feel like. Like a bio hazard waste dump. I want that general sense of well being feeling back with out having to take a pill to accomplish it. I wish upon a star that one day I will wake up and dystonia will be a faint memory of some lesson, that I havn't figured out yet, that I had to learn and I will be in remission. For now, the shower waits, the chair is drying on the balcony, and I have to move quickly, I need to get in early as I will be taking a long lunch today to drag my significant other to the dentist. appointment he needed three years ago, but refused until his face swelled like a blow fish over the weekend and I had to call for an emergency prescription of antibiotic on Sunday for him. Have a blessed day, duty calls...
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