Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Round One Just Working Through the Motions Because I Have No Choice

I hope that you can click on these paper dolls to print them. Betsy McCall's Easter is just in time. They make me think of my sweet friend Suzanne who has a house of girls and of course my band of princess'.

And can you believe there is a Betsy McCall and the Cherry Pie? This one is definitely getting a frame for my wall in the kitchen.

I had the meeting with HR yesterday afternoon where I was given the 'results' of the complaint my staff member had made about me... Pointless waste of my time since I have already filed my own complaint about this same HR person, my manager and the VP who my manager reports to. My complaint about this HR person questions her ability to conduct this investigation and her competency. I underestimate the toll this nonsense takes on me. I'm pretty sick this morning, I have to pull it together. It was bad enough that I was pulled out of work for a half a day to hear these results. My staff is a ticking time bomb and because of all this nonsense we are still at a critical phase in transition at the new location. I can not afford to miss a day of work today. I should say the company can't afford for me to miss a day of work. I could very well miss a day as my vacation hours are stacking up again and if I don't use them I lose them, not to mention I still have plenty of sick time to use.

The results are ludicrous. The emails she sent regarding make me laugh. I really think this HR person thinks she is a private eye or a police officer or something...who knows, it's the verbiage she uses. None the less, her findings are of great concern to me. They were written on formal company letter head. They will undoubtedly go into my personnel file. The first part of this written document stated that I had admitted to releasing company confidential information. I did not. I also have proof that I did not. I taped our meetings. Yes I did....the lawyer for my case knows that I have a recording of soulless in one of her rants I have not disclosed that I have more...the last two and a half hour conversation I had with this alleged 'independent' advisor she asked me if I had more. I did not answer the question. She asked me why I recorded the the conversation with soulless of which she has only heard about 3o seconds of. I had played it for her as I was walking out of the six hour meeting. I tire of these questions. What a stupid question, the fun and games they play are transparent and ridiculous. I am offended by the questions, it is so apparent they are trying to psychologically work me around in these questions, really? That is why I'm offended, they offend my intelligence. Any one whose watched a tv crime show could see what her questions are attempting...ridiculous.... I have a difficult time masking my patience for this process. I told her obviously I felt that I was in jeopardy, and since my complaint is that due to the friendship that soulless and the HR woman hold prevents me from fair treatment, and since soulless has over and over demonstrated her discrimination after I got sick and got fat...and since my complaint states over and over that they are, uh, dah...obviously I would tape these things...politics are alive and well and perhaps more prevalent than the antics of the professional politicians we watch on television, obviously I felt I needed protection... I could vomit from this whole process...she also stated in this document that her investigation did find that this staff member had threatened me... we have a no tolerance workplace allegedly, um, hello, why was she allowed to return to work yesterday? Hmmm I have to give this some thought... I will also be contacting the lawyer about this....for now its madhatter time.
Be blessed and well...
XO Keke


Suzanne said...

Isn't it fun to be lied about to yourself and then you're expected to accept it...that's a form of abuse. The lies are a tactic called crazymaking and responding to it is feeding the beast. You're very smart to let a lawyer handle this so you don't have to answer this ridiculousness anymore. I'm praying for you. As for the paper dolls, they're yummy but I'm out of printer ink so I'll be back this weekend, prepared to print! Thank you for sharing.

Big hugs,

Tracy Suzanne said...

Wow Keke. You really are being tormented at work, aren't you? It sounds like your in the boughs of Hell, in the thick of a war. Good for you going with an attorney. Get a good hard nosed one Sweetie. I'm praying for you and love you.

Hugs and sweet dreams. I'm sending peaceful wishes for tomorrow. Tracy :)