Saturday, February 20, 2010

Then let us give thanks for true friends, strong woman, the adventure of a far away land and a good cup of joe...

I had coffee again this morning with my friend Sarah, she was my first true friend when I landed here in Oz.
(Sarah walking down the aisle with her father. Sarah has panache and style like no one I know.)
It is so lovely to meet her at the coffee shop on Saturday mornings, even if we have nothing to say (which never happens) it brings such comfort to have her sit beside me. Her energy is so palpable, she is the kind of person determined without effort to live life to the fullest, to experience everything. Sarah is the friend I wish every one had.
(Maybe it's in the name. )
(Sarah and her new husband Mark, a couple truly made in heaven. These pics are actually from their wedding in June 2007. As with everything Sarah does it was amazingly beautiful, creative and no detail was spared. They had it in their back yard and it was dreamy and romantic.)
My baby boy's best friends name is Sarah too, and she is much the same...articulate, intelligent,feisty, fun and holds the biggest heart in the world. Sarah is one of my cheerleaders, we actually met at work, we started in the same department together within a month or two of each other. We also experienced and survived one of soulless evil minions together, that experience bonded us forever...lucky for Sarah, she got out and went to report under a completely different chain of command and her experience with this company has been much different than mine. I wasn't so lucky, I seemed to have gotten stuck under the evil soulless... But I have to remember with out regret the gift this experience brought me which was my friend "Sarah."
(Can you believe this wedding cake? The pic doe not do it justice and it was just one more detail perfectly executed. Now that I'm looking at these pics again, I didn't remember seeing the pedestal the cake was on that day. It's beautiful and I wish I would have remembered because the sandcastle wedding cake I made for baby boy's wedding would have looked amazing on a pedestal such as this...)
Sarah is also an amazing artist and truly creative person, she usually wins first place and best of show at the annual local flower show almost every summer. This is not a humble feet...

( Sarah called this display, "The Minute Man's Garden" and as always no detail was spared.)

Every year the event coordinator's pick a theme. I think this was the display she did for 2008 show and I think if I remember correctly the theme was the Revolutionary War... It is then up to the participants to best represent the theme.

For this spectacular "Minuteman" display Sarah won 1st place, Best use of summer annuals and Best use of theme at the flower show.

(This is a close up view of "The Minuteman's Garden")

A Press Statement:
"The Sonoma County Fair Flower Show is the largest themed flower show in the U.S. and a stunning showcase of the region's best garden designers, both pro and amateur. The shows Flower Show Preview on Sunday, July 26, also generates funds for the Fair's Flower Show Scholarships"

So now you have met my friend Sarah and I've had a chance to remember to be grateful no matter what each day brings, the fact that I am so lucky to have strong women in my life, women such as Sarah, all of you, my baby girl and my Mitzi and her band of princess'... Women at the sidelines cheering me on, listening to me without judgement and loving me when I feel so broken, yes, I do indeed know how lucky I am... Thank you for your love.

Another dream room, all of this is totally a place for me to dream, to feel cozy and well kept. I can conjur up this feeling even just dreaming of having a room like this...I found it on a site called

"Where Kari Create".

Just one little problem...I'm language challenged...
This is what it said underneath the picture:
"Afgelopen zondag ben ik weer naar La campagne geweest...Vanaf nu is ze voorlopig iedere zondag open.Het is altijd zo gezellig daar heerlijk,gewoon alsof je ben een goede vriendin even op de koffie komt,maar dan een waarbij je de inboedel kan kopen..Koffie ,thee gulhwijn gewoon wijn het staat allemaal klaar voor je...Dus je weet waar je me zondag kan vinden.... "
Could some one please translate this for looks like such a lovely site...This isn't the first time I've ran across this challenge, I just can't figure out how to get around it. Lucky for me her pics are so wonderful, they by themselves make it worth the visit...

I would like to leave you all with one last thought:

"Promise me you'll always remember. Your braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." -Christopher Robin to Pooh

(Such a lovely quote, and I believe worth remembering...)

XO Keke


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That is one of my FAVORITE Pooh quotables EVER!!! beautiful pictures and isn't it great to have such a friend??? Here's to a good week, Keke!!!

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