Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"Just Between Me andYou"

How lovely is the above art? Yesterday's post brought me a new friend, sometimes I just feel like a lucky duck. Maggie stopped by for a visit and left the nicest I jumped on over to see who "grandma yellow hair" don't know about you but my grandma never looked like her, I'm not even a grandma yet and I don't look like her! LOL! Wait till you see her pic! Maggie, I'm sorry, you must get this a lot, but your blog address is deceiving and the shock of your breath taking beauty... whew! Another human being to demonstrate the beauty from inside out! Maggie I can tell is going to be my friend, she is a human after my own heart, the first post I saw was about sending a valentine to our troops through this great site called "lets say thanks" So of course I sent one, it was really quick to do and made me feel good to start my day by saying thanks. The artwork on the post cards are by school children and so sweet...
I'm off work today, I go to see the new "Turkish" neurologist. I threw the "Turkish" in there because that is how my primary described her after he told me a miracle story...thank goodness this one isn't a three hour drive, keep your eyes, fingers and toes crossed that she wants to give me a miracle today, well I know that's silly to say, miracles come from God, but I still wanted to say it! You know how people say that Europe and other countries are farther advanced in their medicine? I know, I know she lives here now, but one can hope that she brought a little of that forward thinking with her.... Why am I writing like I'm having a conversation with you this morning? (well technically I am sort of....) but...last night I was up very late preparing my case, sorting documents making notes and Craig Ferguson came on the T.V. He talks to the camera like that, like he's right in the room with you having a conversation, he has his own late night show here and is one of AH's favorite comedians, I never am able to see him because I usually get home from work somewhere between seven and eight and depending on how many rounds soulless has taken out of me that day, I may be up an hour, or two or I may just go straight to bed. Followed by the up and down and toss and turn routine that my nights usually hold depending on how much my head is bobbing! Ugh! I did it again, I digressed! This was supposed to be a short post, I only have so many hours in this day and it's not enough! That being said, remember on Monday when I said it was time and sent my letter to the two top officers in my company? Well they took it seriously, they've hired outside council to conduct an investigation. I meet with the third party on Friday. Soulless and her Sister and her Manager find out today that I have made a complaint and they are being investigated. "Please God, let the truth be revealed so that I and everyone else forever more will not be subjected to their cruelty." Amen. Returning to work tomorrow should be interesting. The woman facilitating this assured me that she would do the run down with soulless and tell her she is not allowed to harass me or speak to me about this matter. Hmmm, I told her that the harassment is already there so it is what it is, and by the way she seemed like a very nice and sincere person, I was very guarded and she did not push. In fact she said she didn't want to know anything that she is just a facilitator for our company to make sure that all the rules are met and the independent investigator 's interviews are conducted. I must say I have no faith in this process, but I do have faith in God, and he so far has given me peace that passes understanding so I have to just keep hanging on to that. As always, thanks for listening... I hope you find the "Joy" factor today!
XO Keke

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Grandma Yellow Hair said...

My dear new friend how thoughtful and too kind you are in this post about me. I am in awe of this wonderful land of bloggers and how truly sincerely friendly so many are on here.
I do not think of myself at all like you described me but hey we all need a boost every now and then.
The picture of my headboard is not mine unfortunately. I would give the world to be that blessed and creative. It is a painting by a dear friend of mine that passed away a few years ago and I got permission to use it. She was as beautiful an artist as a person. It shows in her art.
Looking forward to getting to know you and once again your post has me speechless and for me that is something