Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Catching up so I can go forward....

When I thought about posting this pic, it's of what my house was like Christmas night, this years toys were "Nerf" guns, and so a nerf war ensued...I thought "trying to catch up so I can go forward..." hmmm, as soon as I had that thought, I realized that is exactly where I'm stuck..."Trying to catch up so I can go forward..." Maybe you don't catch up, maybe you let go and just go forward? This statement could apply to every area of my life...my health, finances, career, etc. I went to see Doc Daisy yesterday morning, wasn't sure what I expected her to do...actually she kind of had that look on her face as she came through the door...she said, "what happened", I'm seeing her two weeks earlier than our monthly visit...I started in with "shoulder, can't take the pain, soulless....blah, blah, blah..." she looked puzzled, prescribed me some topical patches, and I left her office just as clueless as she looked and responded to me...she did want to give me a week off...I said not possible at this time, soulless will for sure amp up the cruelness, Doc asked how about 4 hour work days for the next week, she said she thought that was reasonable, I agreed and made my way to the hospital for blood test...I waited over an hour to get in to vampirezilla girl who stabbed me with the butterfly needle so hard I now have a huge bruise...while I was waiting I called soulless to let her know I wouldn't be in the rest of the day...and that Doc only wanted me having four hour days the rest of the week...she wasn't happy and by 2:00 she was calling me, I didn't pick up, what part of sick day is not understood here? She said she wanted me to email her to let her know if the four hours would be morning or afternoon? *!!!#&*** what difference does it make, and really,she couldn't wait to talk to me when I returned today? Again, I did not respond, I went to bed instead...and yes, I know that might not have been the best choice, she even threw in that HR wanted to know too...I don't care, boundaries to save my life is what I'm calling it...but I know I will pay when I go in today... With that...time to run! I hope you find your "Joy Factor" today
XO Keke


Tracy Suzanne said...

Oh' dear. No wonder you were on my mind all day yesterday. Geez, I hate hearing that the pain just never seems to stop. Soulless is well ~ Soulless. What a stress on your life. Pray for her, she apparently needs it. Hope your day at work is better than you expected. I will have you in my prayers.

And you know Keke, I think your dead on. I think you sometimes have to move forward without catching up. Your message really spoke to me. I keep getting stuck in....need to get here to go there but sometimes you have to just shut your eyes and step on out and not look back. Thanks for the message - it's ringing in my ears.

Love, Tracy :)

Suzanne said...

Hi Keke,

You can only do what you can do. What you need is an extended break. I don't know about benefits but it's possible to get temporary disability...I did when I was pregnant and slipped on ice, I saved myself from falling but did damage to my back. Just a thought. I'm praying that these patches help and that some extra rest will work. soulless better learn about the human side of work. I'm frustrated for you! Feel better.

Hugs, Sue

Patti said...

I agree with the others...it sounds like you need a break and you need time to take care of YOU! I can't even imagine how frustrated you must feel about this all. I hope you find some peace and some pain relief very soon!

Thanks for the info on the swap=- am looking forward to hearing more about it! My e-mail is plindeman@palos118.org

Take care!!!!

Jules of Whimsicalnotions blog said...

Hi Keke i think its that you let go and go forward.I dont think we ever catch up although sometimes it feels like we are on a merry go round.You just wanna say STOP the world i wanna get off.Its amazing what you can do with a matchbox i love doing them and sometimes i make them into little books i shall have to send you one sometime.

mitzi said...

CRAZY with picture taking !!! I beg to defend myself....if you would hold still and graciously submit( you are getiing better at this) then I wouldn't have to chase you around like stalking papparazzi(sp) . And I think everyone would agree with me, my little sister is BEAUTIFUL!! I have believed this since we were children and I'm not changing my mind now.

Tracy Suzanne said...

Hey Sweetie. I know it's hard to find time to post when you've got so much to do with a hubby, children (even when they are away from home), a job and of course soulless to contend with. But you're always a blessing to me when you come by. There's a miracle there too. The miracle of finding such a great friend all the way on the other side of our Great Nation.

It is amazing how much more gets done when we let go and try to quit controlling it all. This is a huge difficulty for me. A lesson, it seems that I have to learn over and over again. What a waste of time my worrying has been. I pray the Lord doesn't stop trying to bang that message in my head even though he's done it so many times already.

Well I better go. I hope your not working this weekend and are working less hours like he Dr. told you to do. Be bless and remember I'm thinking of you. Hope to see you at Miracle Mondays!
Hugs...Tracy :)