Monday, January 18, 2010

Something Good Monday and the "Joy" Factor

I almost went to bed tonight without posting my something good Monday. I hadn't forgot, just having a hard time these days with something good. However, if I am to find my "Joy" I must try even if it doesn't feel that way, besides, I feel a little "pouty" saying that, deep down I know there is always something good, especially when I know there are others in our world with bigger problems and challenges than I.I had to dig a little, but I do believe in the benefits of counting your blessings everyday, no matter how blue things seem. The above picture of baby girl and I was taken by Mitzi the day after the wedding on the deck of the Cherry Cottage we rented. I wish you could have seen the view from that deck in real was quite amazing and one of the miracles that week.

And this picture of AH, baby boy and I on his wedding day, on the deck right before we left for the ceremony...looking at this picture of AH, he looks really terrible, I still can't wrap my arms around how emotional he was for those three days, it was all just so unexpected....but then so was everything that week, and still I have to step back and remember the miracles with gratitude...
This was the table that Mitzi built, the setting for the rehearsal dinner, if you could have seen us, dumping out my fabric boxes and grabbing everything we could grab at the last minute, we didn't know what to expect the "Cherry Cottage" would be like, trying to be prepared for everything, we must of had at least twenty giant tote bags, and then the laundry baskets and everything else we could grab, including "Bob", we couldn't have fit another thing in my car that night. It was dark and we had no idea really where we were going...more of the miracles of the week. Didn't she set the table splendidly? It really did have the charm of an Italian bistro
And then above, my dear Mitzi, yes, this is what she looked like the entire time...I won't tell you how crazy she drove me with her picture taking because I love her too much, but I will tell you I hate having my picture taken!
And then the best pic to leave you with on something good Monday is the picture of baby boy with the cutest most adorable "Joy" babies you ever wanted to see. Baby Ava and her big sister Arabella ,(the flower girl), who stole the show every where she went. And with this I leave you good night...Sleep Sweet dear friends.... XO Keke


Patti said...

Hi! What wonderful pictures...and you're really photogenic! Good for you for finding the Joy~ here's to a great week!

Tracy Suzanne said...

I just loved seeing the pictures. I know I am not at all photogenic but you always look great in your pictures. I hate having mine taken too. The family all looked so happy and baby girl did a terrific job.

Hugs...Tracy :)