Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I'm dreaming of Valentines Day...Yes it is a distraction. I couldn't possibly follow "Something Good Mondays" with nonsensical clutter that too shall pass...requiring...strength of heart and a huge amount of courage...inside my head...run, stay, run, stay... Valentines Day...that's it, I'm going to dream of Valentines in pink and white and red...my newest curiosity is decorated match boxes. When I was a kid Valentines day meant tissue paper and lace hearts and lots and lots of glue...ta da! A Valentines box was made. Now, I'm told children hang paper sacks or envelopes with a store bought Valentine stapled to it...so sad, another tradition ripped from our children that promoted creativity, parental interaction, dreams.... (although someone told me it may have been a midwest thing, so I'm curious if other people have had this tradition in their childhood) ...don't digress Keke, get to the point...the point is I want to make a Valentine box, and my latest curiosity are these little decorated match boxes. If you google "Valentine Match Box Swap" it will bring up pages...the one below found at "Yapping Cat Studios". You have to admit, the name of this site alone makes you want to go check it out, and the banner is hysterical!

And look at the one from "Speckled Egg". http://speckled-egg.blogspot.com/

And Natasha Burns is oh so lovely....

And can you believe this velvety basket so yummy and dreamy...

So tonight I want to leave you all with abundant JOY and red, pink and white tissue paper, gobs of messy glue and lace hearts
that hopefully magically turn into a box of love..
XO Keke


Patti said...

I love your Valentine's Day creation pictures! Yes, I remember the box we decorated (old kleenex boxes of course) with doilies and construction paper and tissue paper. I planned on making stuff lasy night but intead got distracted by American Idol. Maybe tonight... Have a great day!

Suzanne said...

We are definitely afflicted with a similar illness...loving pretty little things! I recently saw a matchbox house with a tiny little felt doll inside where there was a bed. Soooo cute. Thank you for sharin! Praying you're feeling better today in the Cherry Kingdom.
Hugs, Sue

Bodecia Arietty said...

Aunt Keke, I would LOVE to do a valentines day swap with you! Just let me know when the due date is and how many I need to make. My fingers have been itching for a new project and this seems like just the thing! Hope you are having a good day, Bodecia

cindy said...

Oh my gosh...that basket is GORGEOUS!

yapping cat

Patti said...

Hi! I would love to do a Valentine's Swap- only I don't know how to do the matchbox thing. What about an altoids tin? WOuld that work too? Please let me know the details,,,but yes- I am in!