Monday, January 11, 2010

Something Good Monday and The "JOY" Factor

I had actually started this yesterday and was going to call out my very first "prompt", ran out of time even though I was up until 2:20 a.m. this morning! Ugh...OK, that has got to stop. I only have a few moments, but still had to get this out there! "Something Good Monday" is about me wanting to pledge that at least one day a week for all of 2010, to throw positive ions into the world...thus encouraging "The Joy Factor".

Joy Factor #1:
Remember my friend Suzanne? She has been struggling with pain and suffering seemingly falling on deaf ears by the medical comes "Man of the Year"... That's what I'm calling her husband Charles this year... I love a man that loves his wife! And after a few phone calls he has managed to get her a referral to "Columbia" with a well credited neurologist...
Meet Suzanne ...
and her "Man of the Year"...OK, his real name is Charles.... Meet Dr. Steven Frucht, MD Associate Professor of Clinical Neurology , whom Charles will be calling this morning to get an appointment for Suzanne...Calling all you prayer warriors...I know your out there...please speak her name on bended knee that she may rest in the arms of angels and that Charles will get her an appointment sooner rather than later! I'm going to trust in my God and know that her suffering will end. and that Dr. Frucht will finally be the answer God sends to her prayers... Please pray for the discernment on Dr. Frucht part as well, that he will be able to help her...and that he will treat her with compassion and love...

Steven Frucht, MD Associate Professor of Clinical Neurology

I still don't understand the needless suffering in this day and age, but I'm not going to go there because this is about "JOY"....

Joy Factor #2:

You know she is the light of my days, we had a lovely day yesterday and I'm still smiling today from did I ever deserve to have this precious baby girl...did I ever tell you that from the time I brought her home from the hospital she slept through the night, and very rarely ever cried, ever... most of the time she would just lay there and coo and smile? OK, it wasn't all perfect we did hit a few speed bumps between maybe 10 and 17...but what a beautiful young woman she did turn into...inside and out! Ok, I'll stop gushing and move on....

Joy Factor #3: (It is the little things)
I found a new site...and it is delightful...of course, "Cherries and recipes..." Check it out, I promise you'll love it!

And with that, I have to my prompt to all of you out there is that every Monday is "Something Good Monday" and you list at least three "JOY" factors every Monday for the next year...let's spread the positive ions through out 2010! We can choose to live in "JOY" even when everything is not perfect!!!

Sending you JOY!
XO Keke


WordsPoeticallyWorth said...

Joy indeed is a pleasure to behold,
Especially while wintering the cold.
Now I'm not religious, but I long for the 'son'
To peacefully spread your joy begun
To lighten a load with a smile -
A heart-felt mission worthwhile.

Angels do exist here on earth; spread your wings and fly with love from a grateful recipient of your kind sentiments. Thank you. Take care. Bye.

Suzanne said...

Thank you so much,'re making me cry! Love you and your "Something Good Monday's". Brilliant Idea and I'm so honored and choked up, really. Charles doesn't realize how MUCH he's loved and appreciated. I hope to be able to prove it to him somehow. I'm blessed by you and Charles and this Monday! Big Hugs! Sue

Suzanne said...

By the way, your daughter is absolutely gorgeous! Stunning photo's of her throughout your Cherry Kingdom. :) Sue

Tracy Suzanne said...

Hi Keke. What an angel you are. That was the sweetest post your wrote me the other day. I just love the idea of Angels on my bumper. :)

Poor Suzanne. I hate to think of anyone suffering. I think it's wonderful that her husband Charles has taken on the search to help her. I will be holding both of them in my prayers as well at Dr. Frucht. May God use him to help so many.

Precious baby girl is quite the beautiful young woman. I've always loved pearls and the Jackie O. glasses. I have the pearls but never could pull of the big glasses. What style & panache she has.

I'm looking forward to enjoying your year of Something Good Monday. I was hoping to start my first post of Miracle Mondays today but just couldn't get it together. You know how bad I am about deadlines. I may try to get the first one on tonight anyway.

Thanks darlin' for always sharing joy with us, always having a kind word for us, always showing love to us. We can't help but love you back.

Hope your warm. Hugs...Tracy :)

Patti said...

What a wondeful idea and so thoughtful too!! I really hope all truns out for Suzanne- and your little red car too! Have a great rest of the week and take care!And I love the new banner- what a wonderful present!

cindy said...

Your daughter is adorable. LOVE her hair! I wish mine would do that. Will have to check out Cherries and Recipes. I love Cherries too!

yapping cat

Jules of Whimsicalnotions blog said...

Baby girl always looks like a film star.Love the joy post.