Sunday, December 13, 2009

This perhaps may go down in history as one of my favorite Christmas pictures. American husband holding his new remote control car...It makes me giggle because it looks like he's just woke up and sitting in his undies and tee shirt like a little boy would...but then again, American husband does revert to a child like state for the holidays...and that would be every holiday, not just Christmas. I'm looking at this pic though and I'm trying to remember when this was taken because the nest doesn't look adorned excessively like it is during the Christmas season...oh, and about the undies part...he really did have a pair of shorts on, you just can't see it. One of the strangest things for me to try to get used to in Oz is the fact that you can wear shorts and flip flops pretty much year round if you choose to. Although, lately it seems mother nature has let it snow in "South Town". It has been unusually cold here this year. Hmmm, just in case your wondering I am deflecting...yes, it is 9:50 p.m. in Oz, I have a zillion things I need to be doing, and I wouldn't mind if sleeping were one of them...Wedding in 5 days, Christmas in 10, Mitzi comes in 2 days, In-laws in 3. American husband had total mental melt down last night over his parents coming for the second time in 3 months and staying through Christmas...Oddly enough I feel cool as a cucumber...however Mitzi informed me today that maybe it's because my brain hasn't registered that it should be freaking out but my body knows...that's an intriguing thought...maybe she's right, I was sick all day yesterday and up all night last night...maybe it's best that my mind doesn't register...AH melting down is enough... really, doesn't he look like a little kid in this picture?

I actually had came to this realization at Thanksgiving time, not the little kid part, but that I never really have to miss having child like joy in the house for the holidays...AH has enough for a house full of children. I think this pic was taken two years ago, it must have been...last years remote car was case your wondering...even though our children have grown into young adults, AH still thinks that we must have at least one toy under the last year, Christmas gifts were all bought and we were spending the evening wrapping, and he says, "you didn't buy toys", I said, "well the kids are grown-ups now, I didn't think I would need to..." I thought AH was going to drop straight over..."we have to have at least one toy, it's Christmas, it's not Christmas without at least one toy..." So two days before Christmas I was out shopping for the expected toys...the funny part of this story was when AH told the kids on Christmas day that they almost didn't get a toy...the look of questioning shock on their face was too funny..."Mom, how could Santa not bring us a toy?" And so it is, I guess forever more, as long as Santa comes to this house, there will be a toy for everyone under the tree no matter how old they are.

I found another beautiful site tonight which reminds me I need to update and change out the music on my playlist...It's another one of those beautiful sites that you can get lost in for hours, beautiful pics, post and music...Stephanie definitely has an eye for the fabulous.

Ok, I need to leave off here, I really must try to do something, I found this funny Santa picture which reminded me of why again it's good that my mind is not registering, less the look on my face is like this little two year old because I didn't get all of the items checked off my to do list and a few zzz's in between! LOL ! Classic! Sleep sweet my friends...blessings...
XO Keke


Patti said...

I love the pictures!! Your "toy" for Christmas tradition is excellent! I may have to try that one too. GET SOME SLEEP!!! I know this week will be a big one for you with lots to do, so you need to make sure to take care of you! Are you able to take any time off of work? Hope all goes well~~~ Take care!!!


Suzanne Uvino said...

Oh Keke, I enjoyed reading this and the photo of AH literally made me LOL! You have much to do so I'm hoping you're well and sending extra hugs your way!!! Big ones...OOOOO Sue

Bonjour Madame said...

Thans for following my blog and the mention. Wow! I look forward to reading more.

Tracy Suzanne said...

Hey Ms Keke! I guess the wedding is over and your trying to recover by now. I just wanted to come by and say hi. I know you've probably worn yourself out beyond exhausted. You probably need at least another week off to recoup. I have meant to do so many things before Christmas this year and here at the last minute I'm making my Granddaughter something to mail her for Christmas. I have thought about you everyday and wanted to get a card and more into the mail to you. It looks more and more like I'll be sending my wishes closer to New Years. I've enjoyed looking at every ones holiday decorations and creations and hearing about their celebrations so much and felt guilty about not bring something joyous to the table too, so to speak. Even though the spirit may not be apart of my home or holiday this year, I still have the spirit of the season in my heart and rejoice in all the beautiful joys that my friends are experiencing during this wonderful season.

Hope you can slow down now and get lots of rest. I hope you're not suffering pain. All my love and friendship ~ hugs....Tracy :)