Friday, October 2, 2009

Ok, so September has been a crazy month, I'm hoping October is much slower...Finally, all swaps done, which actually was the best part of my month...except, table has been filled with all my crafty goodness and American husband has run out of patience for it 2 weeks later...I'm claiming immunity. Not my fault his parents consumed the first two weeks of September and of my vacation time, and it makes no sense to pack and unpack items of creativity, and in my defense, I signed up for swaps before I was informed in-laws were staying two weeks instead of one. Assumed one because that would be an acceptable length of time, two weeks turned me into a martyr...what's that saying about house guest being like cheese left on the counter?...Hmmm. Actually in all honesty, I don't think it applies to all house guest, baby girl and I had this conversation about house guest and "who" could be welcomed for more than a week, unfortunately they didn't make the list...I know, I know, sounds terrible, I am, I am a terrible daughter-in-law, but you would have to know the details! But then again, I promise, you don't want to! I'll suffice to keep it "P/C" and just say, they live a different life style than I and I'm not judging, I'm just saying I don't want to live that or be around it and actually, I thought I'd left my feelings at the departure gate, but something came up yesterday and I found out I still have unresolved anger that I need to deal with... I hate it when that happens, it's not like I need one more thing to do! Sorry to leave you like this, but mad hatter time comes early this morning, I'm meeting baby girl for coffee before work, actually we're meeting at Jamba Juice, yummmm...So good citizens, I promise to try to post happy things tomorrow and pic's of the swaps! Have a blessed day! XO Keke

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Anonymous said...

love you's so good to see you doing nice things for YOU again. can't wait to see the swaps....had intended to send you a surprise "cherry" swap. but alas things have spiraled to a whole new level here.all my love Mitzi