Monday, October 5, 2009

I purposefully did not blog after Saturday's post, I know I promised something more fun on Friday, but given Saturday's post and the news I received from Mitzi, her mother-in-law passed away, it didn't seem appropriate. In addition, the phone conversation I had with Mitzi yesterday filled my head with too much to think about....I'll share at a later date. Life is short and hopefully sweet, and all that has happened makes me more determined than ever to live each day with love and in love.Madhatter time. Tonight I will post again, with all the fun stuff and other stuff that has happened as a conclusion to this post. Go and be well good citizens of blog land, I hope you fall in love today...XO Keke

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Terri said...

I saw that you like Alice in Wonderland in the comment you left on Le Vintages blog. Sorry you weren't in on this swap or the one I had. I am sure more will be poping up as the release of Tim Burton's movies get's closer. I do have an extra White Queen if you want to do a one on one swap? Just vistit my blog and send me an e-mail. Oh and I became your 4th follower today.