Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Guess what happened this evening? I received the call...the minute I saw beautiful grooms number on my phone, I knew it was time...we're going to have a baby tonight... he was so adorable, so excited, talking rapidly and anxious...I am so blessed that the beautiful couple has allowed me to share in their experience. A profoundness is in the air these days.

I can't wait to lay eyes on that little bitty slice of new life.
So beautiful...words are not enough....I called all my staff members to let each of them know we were getting a baby tonight...left voicemail for all. I have the most amazing staff on the planet and the support they give to one another is rare, I am indeed a lucky girl!!! So now we wait for baby Alexander to make his entrance into this world. May his life be one of infinite happiness and blessings.. And for me, it's far past bed time, sweet sleep good citizens, I will post some pics of the circus swap next.


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Tracy Suzanne said...

What? I'm so lost and confused. Are you & your husband getting a new baby, dare I say a grandchild, no that doesn't sound right. So feel me in, so I can quit making a fool of myself and give you the proper congratulations you deserve. Anyway welcome sweet baby Alexander. You're gonna love these wonderful people that are making all those silly faces, words of nonsense and that have hearts of gold. We really have to get together and talk one day.
Have a lovely happy day.
Hugs...Tracy :)