Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fall...mmmmm, crisp air so fresh you can taste it, leaves of all colors, pumpkins, squash, trips to the apple barn, carmel apples...Sometimes I am so homesick for the mid-west seasons...there is a certain order to life in the mid-west, notable signs that signal our bodies in the direction they should go...I am quite sure this was part of my disorientation when we first landed in Oz and I don't think I'll ever acclimate to the climate here. Those of you in ten feet of snow and sub-zero temperatures that will come in just a few short months will claim that I am insane and dream of how nice it would be to be in Oz. I will defer to my husbands statement, he loves it here... "It's like living on vacation all the time." Yes Oz does hold it's own charm and beauty, yes the weather is temperate, but it's not all quite like vacation and I'll take the four seasons any day...although I don't mind not having to shovel out at 4 a.m. every morning to get the car out in time for work! Sighhh...instead, I have this, yes it is beautiful, but again I say, everyday is not like this...and I would have to drive thirty minutes to get to this...otherwise, everything is much the same as anyone living anywhere, house still needs to be cleaned, bills paid, children's and husbands needs met, and then the nine to five grind, that is usually longer than eight hours. This pic taken at the marina on pier 39, and I almost forgot about this picture I took of a photo booth that I had my picture taken in once...If you look really close you can see my reflection in
the photo booth, which is as close as you get until I loose this weight! Blasted Dystonia!!! Two months till the wedding...I've told myself no cute dress, unless... Next on the agenda:
"A Swap for All Seasons" has the new swap project listed. I've promised my husband no more projects until I get other things in order...but....this is just a little yum yum and I promise not to get carried away again!!! Linda does such a fabulous job and she is so generous to give us her time and energy...check it out, it does look like so much fun!
And she has given us a generous amount of time to complete, so I'm in, I can't help myself! A girl has to have something to take her mind off things, it's cheaper than a therapist and better than wrinkles!
Speaking of generosity...I was surfing around blog land like I do sometimes and I ran across an "Alice in Wonderland" tag swap...drats!!! I was too late...I love Alice and all her Wonderland. So I left a comment expressing my disappointment and guess what? Some one saw my disappointment and offered to take it away...awe, the citizens of blog land are truly the nicest people!!! So, Terry, owner of Blooming Ideas, and yes, you know what I'm going to say, another fantastic site that you just have to check out!!! I'm not lying, you just have to...
Well she sent me a post asking me if I wanted to do a one on one swap because she just so happened to have an extra "White Queen" tag...yes I am, I am, the luckiest girl...just look at it, can you believe how beautiful it
is? Can you believe this is coming to little ole me next week?...I'm a lucky, lucky duck!!! But first, I have to complete the one I'm sending to's a surprise. Thank you Terry!
Speaking of mail and swaps, I still have to get the lovely swap items I received onto a disk so that I can upload to this computer...long story, yes there are better ways, just won't work for this computer...uughhh Hopefully today I can go get them off my camera at one of those express photo centers and onto a disk so that I can post them! I keep trying to do it on my lunch hour, but then again you'd have to be able to take a lunch to do that, but that's another story that I'm keeping my promise with and not including in my lovely little Cherry Kingdom world!!!! And speaking of that, funny how one thing leads to another and then another, it's Madhatter time, and then some, so I have to run...literally. Have a blessed day good citizens!


Sharon said...

Th White Queen is so beautiful! Have you read the new book the White Queen? The cover is similar and have you seen Anne Hathaway in Alice in Wonderland? She's the most beautiful Wite Queen Ever! Thanks so much for your support! I cant explain to others how bad I feel some days since you cant really see it! and you dont want to burden everyone else with it!

Terri said...

Ok it will sorta look like that the only difference is the sequins and pearls above the lace will not be there. Still very pretty.

Thanks Sharon for the compliment. I agree Anne is a beautiful white Queen. I just had to use the image.

KeKe I'll be mailing yours out tomorrow. Hope you are having a good week.