Thursday, September 24, 2009

My life for the next 48 hours will require deliberate calculated moves if I am to be successful at every thing that needs to be accomplished.
This will be a short post...too much happening right now, burning the candle at both ends. Baby boy got his keys to his new nest, called me yesterday, so nest a ship wreck, price to be paid for low mortgage is cases of bleach, cleaners of every sort, paper towel, a bag full of rags and burning the midnight oil with elbow grease...I honestly can not believe people lived like that. We scrubbed the new nest until bleach was eating through the rubber, left my fingers raw even with the gloves. Baby boy had given me a respiratory mask and still all I can taste is bleach. I know, so bad and unhealthy, and I did over do it. Anything for my babies though and they were honestly overwhelmed with the task at hand. Baby boy kept thanking me every five minutes, finally I said, "baby, stop already, it's what we do, who we are, it's called family...every one else who had generously offered to help when the time came had backed out of the deal. So after work, I stopped by home, picked up American husband, changed clothes, packed the cooler with ice and bottled water, grabbed everything I had for supplies, then went to Target and bought a cart full more...American husband said, "enough, he said he has tons of this already." But...a mother knows, and I said, "when we get there, I want to just get the job done, I don't want to waste time having to run out for more...", and guess what, we used everything he had and we had taken...yes it really was that bad! So this morning I am exhausted, we didn't get home last night until 1:30 a.m. and it's madhatter time. I over did it and I have so much more ahead of me. American husband will go back over today to help, I will go to work, and then go back over tonight. In between, I will have a very full day of work, and then at some point I have to finish things needed for the beautiful couples baby shower I'm hosting in a conference room tomorrow afternoon. I have almost everything pulled together for that, I just need to make a cake, incorporating the movie/Hollywood theme that we picked, this is really a work-baby shower for beautiful groom, so I wanted it to be adult and masculine, and since he's a movie buff it seemed the perfect theme. I'll post pic's, it's going to look really awesome! Beautiful bride due date in two weeks, but I just have a feeling that baby love is going to come sooner. Oh the look, the feel of young love, remember? The angst, the longing, the everything....And to that, I must say good day citizens of blog land, it's far past madhatter time....

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