Monday, September 21, 2009

I didn't post this weekend. Weekend spent as I assumed it would be in previous post. Crafting and sleeping and not necessarily in that order! LOL Actually, I crafted till I couldn't anymore and then I slept, woke up and started all over again. I feel better this morning, I realized that this two day crafting blitz to finish up my swaps allowed my mind to rest, and 100 naps later my body feels rested. Well that would be the perfect life now wouldn't it? Just crafting and napping everyday. Pictures to be posted in a couple of days as soon as my swap partners receive their packages. Moving on with a couple of questions as madhatter time is fast approaching...
Question # 1: If you could be Queen for a day which crown would you pick?
Question # 2: What would be the name of your kingdom?
Question # 3: Would you be a benevolent ruler or a dictator?
Question # 4: Would you rule by yourself or would you have a king?
Question # 5: What would your castle look like, would it be small {like 6 bedrooms} or large {like 28 bedrooms}? Last but not least...
Question # 6: Would your rule be scandalous and make the tabloids, or would you live graciously and quietly?
Good day Citizens of Blog land, I hope your exponentially happy today!

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Sharon said...

Here are my answers to the queen quiz
1 1st one on 3rd row Diamonds and pearls
2 ALL MINE Kingdom
3 Fun and Fabulous ruler
4 With Prince Charming...Colin Firth
5 Cinderella's Castle
6 Graciously and Fun

I hope I passed the test!