Saturday, August 15, 2009

Miracles and New Beginnings

New life, new beginnings, new hope. This new life is about to come into the world welcomed by two very special people whom anxiously await with so much love. As I have watched this miracle evolve over the last seven months, I am so inspired by the glow, the anticipation, the love that I have seen in the two of them. This wondrous little miracle must already know how wanted and loved he is. Look at how comfortably he lay in the womb, sucking his little thumb, patiently waiting to come into the waiting world. His name is Alexander. Baby Alexander is due to arrive mid October, and I feel so blessed that they have both shared their experience with me.
I adore both of them, and admire the deep love that they both exude for this experience and baby Alexander. It makes me pause to evaluate all that matters in this world. It seems like only yesterday that my babies were born, that they grew through every stage too quickly, that even now I want to hold them in my arms again, like I did when I thought that I could keep them in my arms forever. My babies have grown into magnificent people whom I also adore. Every part of them. Even the parts of them that I at times may not understand, or that drive me mad. Even during those moments I know how blessed and lucky I am. Wistful memories saturate the present, every time I look into their eyes the memories flood and play through my mind like a picture show. They have always been best friends, and still play together like they did when they were little. It brings me such happiness to see the delighted expressions on their faces every time they are together. The mischief and the teasing and picking at each other. They would be lost without one another. They are truly just beautiful people inside and out and I am so grateful that God gave them to me to love and care for. Ironic that they are both about to start new beginnings in their own life. My baby boy just went into escrow on his very own first house yesterday, I am so proud of him and his tenacity and perseverance to make his dream a reality. He's only 23, but he is determined to make this happen as he struggles through the process, which is not an easy thing to accomplish any where, especially in this economy, but even more so in Northern California. On the flip side, my baby girl has been told that the business she works for is closing the door due to the economic environment and she is about to embark on finding new employment which is totally out of her comfort zone since she loved working for and with her manager of whom she would lovingly call her "work mom", and she has always struggled with change. I am not worried, she will be fabulous, she is fabulous.

Look at the delighted expression on baby girl's face as her big brother teases and plays and hams it up with her. =) Ahhh...wistful sigh.
So much love all around....

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