Monday, December 13, 2010

We have a winner!!! Match Boxes and Just a Little Under the Weather

Without further anticipation...
The winner of the Gingerbread Apron and goodies was Linda from Country Picken's. Whoo Hoo!
Congratulations Linda, and thanks to all of you who played along and made my first ever give away so much fun! You can find Linda @

Ok, I was only going to post one picture of Mr. Holiday pulling the name out of his Santa hat...
but when I started to look at the pics, the look on his face was priceless!

Can you see the concentration and holiday anticipation on his face?
The one below is my favorite as he's looking off into the atmosphere determined to make it a blind drawing! LOL... Mr. Holiday takes the festivities very seriously! LOL

By the way...Mr. Holiday is feeling better thank girl said the other day that it was starting to feel like 'A Year Without a Santa Claus' was so sad... But now he's feeling better and guess what? I think he's passed it on to me!! Which is why the drawing didn't happen yesterday! :(( So sorry.

But still...there is inspiration everywhere, and merriment and hearts of good cheer, even if my dystonic tremors are off the charts and I have the sniffles. Above is a cute little Candy Land swag I put together a couple of weeks ago... I Love the Candy Land decorations...reminds me a little of 'Babes in Toyland' which Mr. Holiday and I just watched the other night. Did I ever tell you about our Christmas movie collection? There's not enough page to list them all...but you can imagine.

The above is a close up of the Candy Land swag...Can you I spy the Gingerbread Snowman Mr. Holiday had baked when he was making his Gingerbread house? Oooh and look closely, attached is this chain of plastic retro candy that I bought a million years ago, and as cheeky as it is, I just love it...every year it seems to get a new life.... Do you want to do something fun? I think it would be really fun if we all posted a picture of our oldest or cheekiest holiday decoration to share with everyone.
And before I forget to show you...Look what I found for Mr. Holiday. Mr. Holiday was very upset at Thanksgiving time to not have a proper carving fork. I was so happy to find this one! Gotta love Paula Deen! Not only does she have yummy recipes, I have to say her cookware line is pretty nice too! Do you know how hard of time I had finding a nice one to Mr. Holiday's specifications? Shhh..Don't tell. I think Santa is putting it in Mr.Holidays stocking.
So with Mr. and Mrs. Holiday both under the girl came to fill in the Holiday gap. Yesterday when I woke from my nap I found her sitting on the patio making snow on the sliding glass door.... Baby girl loves snow... and lucky for her Aunt Mitzi keeps her in good supply.

And look what else she's been up to.... How cute is this large 'Reindeer Food' matchbox. She's planning on filling it with Reindeer Food too! Do you want the recipe?

Look at the other boxes, I just love the one with the snow globe on it...

And, do you know how clever she is...the snow globe is actually a gift tag that she altered just to use the snow globe. It is just so darn cute and when you shake the box it actually has snow inside the the globe.... her use of these tags not only made them ubber cute, it made them really quick to put together....

And I wanted to show you the one I made for her... For those of you that are new to the Cherry maybe starting to notice I have an obsession with decorating match boxes. What can I's very economical, you can do a million things creatively with them...I especially like making them 3D.

And...they make great gift's like two presents in one! So large or little, you just really can't go wrong when creating with match boxes! The large ones are easier to work with and to fit things into, but the little ones are like creating little treasures. This one is sitting under the tree waiting for baby girl to open on Christmas morning...what's inside? That's a secret...wink, wink....I'll have to show you later, just in case she sees this post.

Speaking of match boxes, I need to post #11,12,13 and tomorrow with the best intentions #14....
Until then, I hope your holiday hearts are warm and merry and abundant blessings are surrounding you!!
Warm wishes and holiday kisses,



Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am so happy to have won your giveaway. I have tried to email you and it keeps coming back. Hopefully it went through this time. Your decorations are just beautiful. And you have the best decoration yet, Mr Holiday! If you don't get my email,let me know. Have a wonderful holiday, and I hope you all feel better. Hugs, Linda

Sarah said...

Oh, I LOVE your big Nutcracker, so neat!! I received your #21 matchbox, thank you, it is beautiful!