Sunday, December 5, 2010

Matchbox Day #5, #6, #7, St Nicolas Day, Monsters and More Holiday Capers

I hope every one is following along...Cherry Kingdom's first ever giveaway is getting very close....

Matchbox Day #5

I want to apologize for being MIA the last two days...too much going on with doctors appts. and sick kids... ugh. I also want to apologize ahead of time to my swap buddies for my inadaquate camera. The pic to the left is matchbox #5. I can not express how adorable this matchbox is....I'm in love...I want to make a whole village of these and the little tattered joyeux banner that was tucked inside was just delicious!! Gratitude and love go's out to Marcia Chunn for all of the time we all know she dediated to this yummy! You can find Marcia @ It's a lovely blog, you really should take a look...

Matchbox Day #6

Next is matchbox day # 6. It's simplicity is soft and charming. Tucked inside was a little paper tree stamped tag. Thank you Sarah Sommerville for this cute little matchbox. You can find Sarah at

Matchbox Day #7

Matchbox day #7, which is technically today, just very early today...(12:51 a.m) ugh!... None the less the early hour does not deminish my excitement for this matchbox made by Michelle and Ashley Cox.
Thank you ladies! Tucked inside was a cute little beaded snowman ornament. I'm so sorry you can't see it better it really is cute. You can find these ladies @

St. Nicolas Day

Did everyone know December 6th was St. Nicolas Day and that St. Nicolas is the patron saint of children? Children all over Europe was waking up to their tiny little boots and shoes filled by St. Nicolas....
St. Nicolas came to my house and filled a beautiful little red shoe filled with candy and toys for baby girl...

I liked the shoe filled so much that after she took her candy and presents from St. Nicolas out to take home with her, I refilled the shoe and put it under the Christmas trees in Christmas corner...I will have to tell you about Christmas corner later....

Making Merry

I'm so lucky that AH is Mr. Holiday...even on my days when I don't feel so well and spend the day in bed, he continues.... My Christmas wish is that everyone who may not be feeling well this month would have a holiday person in their life to surround them with the magic of this season. Some how, some way, it just makes you feel better , at least a little.... To the left is a platter of gingerbread ornaments waiting for the ribbon so they could be hung on the tree...AH put the ribbon in them last night and they look awesome on the trees in Christmas corner.
Popcorn and Cranberry Strings and Monster Cookies

AH decided to sting popcorn and cranberry's Saturday night while he was watching holiday movies....sadly, he threw them out today because the cranberries molded????? I don't remember that happening when we made garland as children??? Does anyone have a helpful hint on this?

So sad for all the work he least he had fun doing it!

Mr. Holiday also made Monster cookies Saturday night! Danger...danger...abort!!!! I've gained 5lbs of monster wieght since Saturday night...they are incredible, and that says alot because as wierd as it may sound, I've never been a fan of Monster cookies...but these were not ordinary monsters. Instead of the normal m&m's and choc. chips he threw in a whole list of items. White choc. chips, Heath bar toffee bits, almonds, pecans, red & green mini choc. chips and m&m's. I'm sure I probably left something out!

I just had to take a pic of him doing this...and being the Christmas ham that he is...he just had to give the Vanna pose!

Gingerbread Capers Continues and the Giveaway is getting Close

AH left no candy pebble unturned...he covered it from top to bottom and all four sides!

AH is getting so excited for the big reveal and the giveaway....he just had to put his bumble teeth in for this picture!

Sleep Sweet Dear Ones.... I hope your holiday season is blessing you abundantly!


Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

all the boxes are sooo sweet...but you are right about the house...a whole tree of them, each different with a sweet saying in them ... or a Christmas carol to sing when opened? would be so great!
You realize you have a goldmine there with Mr. could rent him out for BIG bucks...and I have first dibs LOL
Hope you are feeling better soon.

Erica said...

Your mathboxes are soooo sweet and pretty!

Linda said...

I think Francie should get in line behind ME for Mr.H.- popcorn & cranberry garland and those cookies?? Not to mention that gingerbread house which is really amazing! How fun to have someone around who enjoys doing those things! I enjoyed your St. Nicholas pics too! Oh, and did I mention that your matchboxes are lovely?? (lol)

Emily said...

hey your sister!! need updates. Olivia is having a blast calling U. Jim Mr.Holiday!?! she works in into convo whenever she can HAHA. Love you Mitzi

Michelle Cummings said...

looks like you are having lots of holiday fun! Just popping by to let you know that I have you for day 8 in the matchbox swap and just adore your little treats! Thank you!

Sarah said...

What a fun blog you have, it looks like you have been enjoying the seasons! :-)