Monday, February 8, 2010

Something Monday and The Joy Factor

Truth shall spring up from the earth, and righteousness shall look down from heaven.
Psalm 85:11
I was explaining to AH this evening about "Something Good Monday" and my hope that enough people will find their way and decide to participate. He got so excited about the possibility that we could one Monday just wake up and have the whole world circled in goodness...he made me really giggle...the joy factor.
And for my something good, drum roll please... Today the truth indeed did set me free. Thank you God for covering me in feathers. AH and I had decided it was time. With regret for the situation and reservation about the possible out come, I sent a letter to the two top officers in my company. Soulless greeted me with the normal hateful harassing went something like this...she walked into my office, shut the door and thought she would take a round out of me. She only managed to get out three words and I stopped her. I then spoke the truth from underneath all of those was amazing, the armor of God and the wings of his angels allowed me to speak the truth to her. I was washed in peace that passes understanding, my voice did not quiver, my words were strong. I spoke every word I wished I'd ever said to her. When she tried to interrupt with lies and malice, I stopped her. I told her to never speak to me that way again, I called her out on every lie and cruelty...and as with most bullies, she stuttered and decided she didn't have time to speak with me after all... And the truth shall set you free indeed. The battle has only begun, and I do not know what the out come will be, but speaking the truth today was the first step and I am no longer afraid. I will wear the breastplate of righteousness and have faith that my God will see me through. I wish for all of you something good, the discovery of an unknown Joy and most of all truth and love. XO Keke


Jules of Whimsicalnotions blog said...

yay for you Keke and the trumpeters trumpet (cause thats what trumpeters do) and the peasants cheer as the Queen takes back her throne.Souless you are destined for the dungeon.

Patti said...

Great for you Keke!!!!!!!!