Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Just when I think the whole world is crashing down and it can't get any worse, it does... and then right before I'm ready to throw in the towel, and I'm thinking of jumping off a bridge...(metaphorically, not actually) a kindness or an angel comes to lift me up.... my little red car has come down with a virus, or something...engine light on, coughing up smoke from the tail pipe as we were leaving to go to my doctors appt. yesterday, which I wasn't looking forward to anyway, but a necessary evil ...lets just throw in a little more stress and anxiety... It can't happen right now, I can't afford a new car...I can't even afford repairs on the lovely little red car that has seen me the distance...sigh... "Ok Lord...Can I get a break here?" No I don't want to hear "silver refined" or "he won't give more than I can handle"...yes, I'm having an argument with myself!
I have posted before about my lovely new friend from down under... "Jules", my swap partner for "Home for the Holidays"... Jules, whom sent me the loveliest package ever and is still waiting to receive mine...Why? You ask? Because it's somewhere out there in postal land and I was in too big of a hurry on my way to work as I darted into the post office to mail her package that I was already mailing late!!! Scream!

Lady at the counter: " Do you want delivery confirmation?"

Impatient running late me: "No thanks, just mail it..." I don't think I actually said it like that, but I'm sure the anxiety on my face as I'm looking at my watch said it for me...
Sigh... Fast forward...dear sweet Jules is still waiting and while she's waiting she's thinking of me....last night, when I return from the doctors, totally depleted, I start to go through the 218 unread email...no, I'm not exaggerating...I'm really that far behind, day late and dollar short girl just can't seem to catch up... only to find an email from Jules with a present attached. That present just happens to be my new "Cherry Kingdom" banner...complete with a vintage lady in a cherry hat... Jules keeps telling me not to worry about it, but that is not possible...so, I'm starting another package for her, and yes, this time I will get all the bells and whistles the post has to offer while we wait and hope the other one miraculously shows up! In the meantime, please do stop by and check out her blog, Jules is such a sweet and kind spirit...and it's such a lovely place to visit... http://shabby-jules.blogspot.com
In the meantime...I have no idea what I'm going to do about my car...and the thousand other little disasters crumbling around my head, but, Jules gift and sweetness does offer a little ray of light in what seems to be dark clouds hanging over me right now...
I do have a bit of good news, the doctors scale said I lost nine pounds last month...slowly but surely I'm finding my way back to where I was before Dystonia... Sleep sweet my friends... XO Keke


Jules of Whimsicalnotions blog said...

Keke you are too sweet.Its a pleasure to do something for you !

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

Hello keke~ I know that feeling of being overwhelmed. I've been tending to my ill kitty over the holiday. It's put me behind, but I'm slowly making my way back. i too struggle with health issue...lets hope the new year will bring us both a healthier outcome.
Getting a surprised package in the mail is always a wonderful way to relieve stress. I'll take a stroll over to Jules blog next and introduce myself. i love meeting new bloggie friends.

Sweet wishes,