Saturday, October 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Mitzi !!!

Pssssttt, pass it on...

Today is Queen Mitzi's birthday.

The horns have been tested....

I shed a few tears that I could not be there with her...
American husband tried to console me...

But, then he was spanked for sticking his finger in the cake.
Inexcusable to stick your finger into the royal cake with royal icing.

The king and his nobles declared a royal proclamation that October 17th, forever more, will be "Queen Mitzi Day."

A great party ensued, and toy barbies lined up in front of the largest cake the kingdom has ever seen.

Every one clapped and cheered at the promise of another national holiday and all to honor Queen Mitzi!

So to you Queen Mitzi we wish you the Happy of the Happiest Birthdays!!

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Tracy Suzanne said...

Hello my dear friend Keke. And happy birthday to Queen Mitzi! Thank you for your well wishes. I'm feeling much better. It's so nice to know you care ~ which I do know. I hope your feeling better and having a lovely relaxing weekend.
Love & Hugs...Tracy